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Profile Hits: 873
Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
Rating: average rating is 2.5 from 4 Votes  (2.5)
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General Information Car Directory
Member: woodz
Vehicle: 89 Ford Telstar TX5 AT ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 21st February, 2006
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woodz's Comments:

Well ive had the car for two months nearly and love it... its been good to have the experience to drive quite a few car as this is about my 6th car already . none have been the same while i still love my xrt i enjoy driving my tx5 to i think older cars just have a different feel to new car they just feel more ridged any way im looking to see if there is any tx5 deticated sites or any car clubs in qld anyone who has a tx5 and wants to chat the can add me on msn if they want

Modification Listing
Exhaust System:

2 1/2 inch system not quite sure was on when i got it


just a little paint

Rolling Stock:

17x8 inch powder coated white 5 spokes

Stereo System:

Pioneer head unit, 6 inch splits front and rear jvc amp and 12 inch kenwood sub


*It sits on king spring super lows and koni adjustables ,

Photo Album Members Gallery

My Car Front

some more photos not really good or clean


id just done the new paint on the interior

before the paint


left side
Readers Comments
Posted by: xtreme tx5 on February 20, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

hey woods, how r ya,nice car the white rims look awesome. im in brisbane area and i havent heard of ne tx5 groups but good luck with that, the only one thats close is .the old tx5s go pretty hard for sohc with a tiny turbo ay. i've also got heaps of new spares if ur interested. check out the pics on my page.

Posted by: zorb_rules on February 21, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

hey mate did you buy this off ebay?? Im sure i saw it on there a couple of mon ths ago. best bet for us tx5 drivers is cause we all hang out there since our tx5's have the same engines as the mx6/626 turbos. car looks nice. if you dont mind me asking how much did you pick it up for?

Posted by: SABBAi on February 22, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

Hi mate. I looked at this car on ebay. Nice looking car. As Zorb has mentioned, is the place for this era MX6's and TX5's.

Enjoy your new toy. They are a fun car.

Posted by: aj_ke70 on February 25, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

what size rubber you got on those rims? and did y have any troubble fitting the mags, does it rub anywhere when you turn to full lock???

Posted by: mikii_v on March 3, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

hey there, lovely car mate. would any1 know how much it cost to powder coat rims ?

Posted by: woodz on March 3, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

hi guys,
thanks everyone for stopping buy i ended up paying 5k to answer that question,
powder coating rims i wouldnt have a clue, if u guys wanna add me on msn its
cheers thanks for reading

Posted by: mikii_v on March 5, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

hey there, you know your lights, you got covers on them right ?
if so, can u tell me where to find them, i been searching all over, i know u can get them for mx6's, but hard to find tx5's.
thanx turned.gif

Posted by: woodz on March 6, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

mate i wouldnt have a clue on where you get them...
they were on the car when i got them , where are you ,
i was thiking of taking them off so you could buy em off me

Posted by: Texy_5 on March 8, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

really clean car especially the interior

Posted by: Grebs85 on April 18, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

hey woodz,

im interested in what brand those rims are and where i could snatch some up?
how big are they? they look like 17"s or 18"s.

i tried adding u to msn but i dont think that email addy works...

anyways cheers

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