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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
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General Information Car Directory
Member: mikii_v
Vehicle: 1989 Ford Telstar TX5 Turbo ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 6th January, 2006
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mikii_v's Comments:

First car, bought for $5000, came with pod, blitz bov,2.5 exhaust,stereo system,wooden steering wheel,boost gauge,turbo timer. more pictures coming soon.....

Modification Listing
Exhaust System:

2.5 inch exhaust


red slip ons, wooden steering wheel, monza gear nob + cover, turbo timer, boost gauge

Stereo System:

Alpine stereo system, 6x9 speakers


blitz bov

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Readers Comments
Posted by: mikii_v on January 5, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

When i first bought this car, i loved every bit of it. Every ride gives me the urge to red line it and feel the g-force. Lovely churps on 2nd, and if im lucky on 3rd which was quite fun. 3 weeks later, i noticed power has decreased and there was signs of heavy ticking under the bonnet. One machanic said my haudralic lifters were broken and my valves we'rnt opening properly. i changed my oil and added "lifter free" and the noise was gone. But still i am suffering from this loss of power. i dont enjoy my rides anymore. Although the car is still boosting at 10psi, it doesnt feel right. Goes welll up to 3500rpm, after that, it feels like theres no turbo and theres no pull, but it still reaches 10psi. i am not a motor head and dont know much about engines n stuff, thats why i came to this forum, which is terrific ! any help or ideas appreciated.

Posted by: mikii_v on January 5, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

mate, i think you should fix ur tapping noise then worry bout power.

Posted by: SABBAi on January 5, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

Hi mate. Good to see another TX5 in Melbourne. Check your exhaust manifold gasket for leaks. THe ticking can be the exhaust leaking past the exhaust manifold. This would also suggest why you are down on power but still making 10psi.

Also, what's the deal with replying to yourself? smile.gif

Posted by: mikii_v on January 5, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

i'v fixed the tapping already. oil change and added "lifter free".
oh im not replying to myself lol, was just trying to do an introduction n get help, didnt know whereelse to ask.

Posted by: mikii_v on January 5, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

ohhhh i just relised what u mean..........that was my friend that replied using my account , LOL, got me all confusedd hahaha

Posted by: SABBAi on January 6, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

No probs mate. Where bouts in Melb are you? I'm in the Knox area.

Posted by: mikii_v on January 6, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

thomastown, northern suberbs.

Posted by: mikii_v on January 7, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

i was gunning the car last night, pedal to the floor. when it reaches 3000-4000rpm it screams like u need to change gear, like it is on redline. it feels like redline is at 4000. it wasnt used to be like this, i have no idea what is wrong. i would like to have an idea wot is wrong before i take it to the mechanics. any ideas?

ta ta

Posted by: SABBAi on January 7, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

I still think it could be the exhaust gasket leaking.

Posted by: MR.TRBO on January 21, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

id say check the obvous first like : spark plugs , o2 sensor(oxygen),check no lines are off or leaking air.also could be your wastegate not opening.check fuel filter could be blocked etc

Posted by: ApeX King Of The TX5 on March 1, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

what about a slippy clutch?
is it hard to engage gears?

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