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Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
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Member: Grebs85
Vehicle: 1988 Ford Telstar TX5 Turbo AT2 ( More )
Location: WA
Last Updated: 23rd September, 2006
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Grebs85's Comments:

RED TX5 turbo (blown diff)=donor parts for Black TX5 turbo.lolz Just bought another TX5 turbo a week ago. its black, new gearbox,new engine, new exhaust (very loud 3" all the way to a 4inch tip wit cannon muffler). if i was a bit quiker i could have picked it up wit a T28 already installed. the guy i bought it off was wrecking it cos it had ran out of license so now i gotta get it over pits. i have stock turbo thats been rebuilt and goes pretty well! apparently ran a 13.7sec qtr mile wit the t28 on 16psi! but only can be sure if i get me hands on a t28 and try the same thing! lolz :P

Modification Listing
Fuel System:

upgraded fuel pump to i think a VL turbo fuel pump. not quite sure will have to check on that one. lol

Intake System:

Modified airflow meter so now i dont get fuel cut. (already done to car before i bought it), plus a pod filter. has FUEL CUT MASTER attached to AFM plug. wasnt earthed when we started the car and reved it to about 4000rpm it sounded like it had antilag on it :P made this nice backfiring sound (NOT GOOD FOR EXHAUST!).

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 135 wheel hp
Torque: 260 Nm

Performance Comments:

performance wise it boosted harder than my previous TX5 which now has a blown diff.lolz but for what i paid and some time to put bits of the car back together its a pretty dam good runner and holds boost all the way till 6500rpm, has no blowby so everything is sealing good. suspension is pretty stiff handles pretty good but havent really tested it pretty happy with it for now just gonna drive it around till i get moeny to do a professional paint job. this all once ive got the dam thing licensed! lolz

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After a night of ok maybe not cruizzzing :P a glowing red turbo (where its white it was glowing red hot) :P

My TX5 half polished

After HOURS of polishing by hand!


The new BEAST :P

the back of the beast (cos thats all u'll eva really see) lol only joking. hehe
Readers Comments
Posted by: gombatron2000 on October 10, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

sounds like she is going to be a beast bro, i wish i had the money to do all that to mine

Posted by: TOKEN on October 14, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

use the forged pistons that suite a 3SGTE they are identical to ours except for the comp height, but if u are planning to run high boost later on it wont make a difference it will actualy be better. and another bonus is that the 3SGTE pistons can be bought off the self so they are like $700 rather than $2000 for customs.

Posted by: Grebs85 on November 20, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

cheers token and gombatron2000,

so Token u think i shouldnt get ross racing pistons??? cos i herd they r pretty good and that they r like $1000 for a set or under. but thats just the pistons. do the 3SGTE pistons come wit conrods as well?

anyways im just researching up on a suitable and reasonably priced ECU, ive looked at the powerchip ECU which for $600 "claims" to boost pwer and torque ,26kW and 51Nm.
what other chips are out there?? if anyone can help me wit that. chears

ive currently done nothing to my car except get a new dizzy cap, plugs and a second hand right angle pipe that fits to the throttle body(hard to bloody find!!! and hell expensive brand new!!).

Posted by: gombatron2000 on November 21, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

tell me bout it.. cost me $105 for a new one when i got my car cos the other one was cracked and leaking boost, and someone hat tried fixing it with silicone icon4.gif

Posted by: Grebs85 on November 21, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

yeh those 3inch to 2inch pipes are ridiculous in price i was quoted $170 for it, i could only get genuine and it had to be shipped from sydeny cos there was one left in stock in aus!!!
mine was in bad bad condition the previous owner tried to fix it wit that stuff used for temporarily fixing holes in mufferlers i think its called "knead it steel". anyways i eventually found one at a wrecker for $30 but it was hard not soft cos of weather i think, and it had a split at the top where u put the O-ring on but it still holds good just slips a bit off nevertheless better than when i tried to go above 3000rpm the car would just go crazy and jerk like
also i have to get a new engine mount which could be causing the pipe to come off the throttle body.. who nose at this not gettin a new pipe thats for sure..

Posted by: gombatron2000 on November 25, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

it would jerk rould alot cos it would keep sufficating ( dont know if i spelt that right) it also happens if you dont do up the clamps on your intercooler piping properly icon4.gif

Posted by: LOW_TX5 on November 25, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Where did you source the powerchip ECU for $600 is it from a website?

Posted by: Grebs85 on November 25, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

yeah i got the price from a website.

this tho doesnt include shipping and stuff, the price overall is like $690. but thats for the top of range chip, the cheapest is like $440 or sumtin like that, but its worth getti the best one i rekon, plus if u have the AV model turbo engine, their stats show that the AV model engines have 108kW and 258Nm stock where the AT model have 100kW and 233Nm stock. i dont know if it is believable. but the same top end chip in both these models shows to be quite a difference.

ill give ya the figures they "claim to achieve" with the top end chip
for AV turbo 2.2Ltr (std: 108kW and 258Nm, then wit chip its 130kW and 307Nm)
for AT turbo 2.2Ltr (std: 100kW and 233Nm, then wit chip its 126kW and 286Nm)

i dont know about anyone else but id rather have the AV engine ontop of the AT engine even tho they are supposed to be the same. dont quote me on these figures, because ive looked up site for specs for the models stock and they seem to be the same?????
so they could be lying. who nose...

Posted by: MR.TRBO on November 30, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

thought id post this info bout powerchip , chiptorque etc ,
To comply with enviromental requirements Internationally, Mazda, chiptorque, Uni & powerchip all have to comply to emissions standards.
To comply with these relatively strict limits the timing is not advanced as much as it could be and the injector duration is cut back when revs go above 3500rpm.
However if you fit a bigger turbo or larger injectors only the $1000 chips from those companies above will supply you with new maps.

Posted by: zorb_rules on November 30, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Go with woo's mod for god sakes why waste 600 when you can get a perfectly good ecu mdo for under 300 bcuks thats is more functional to our cars...taht powerchip also note that is the cost of the chip thats it...add on labour (200-300) dyno and tuning time (200-300) and your lookign closer to 1200 I knwo cause I ot a full quote...

Posted by: BJaw on December 27, 2005 [ Car Profile ]


Just to give you a bit of info:
"ill give ya the figures they "claim to achieve" with the top end chip
for AV turbo 2.2Ltr (std: 108kW and 258Nm, then wit chip its 130kW and 307Nm)
for AT turbo 2.2Ltr (std: 100kW and 233Nm, then wit chip its 126kW and 286Nm)"

I have a copy of an article from 1988 Wheels Magazine reviewing Ford Telstar Turbo (AT 2.2L). It stated the power is 100KW based on using 91RON unleaded petrol. If it uses 95RON premium unleaded petrol, power will bump up tp 108KW.

Hope this helps....

Posted by: Grebs85 on December 28, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

cheers Bjaw i mite actually go for woo chip now considering the "hidden costs" lol never new it would be that much,

anyways im still having trouble wit power to fuel pump :S if anyone can help me on that it would much be appreciated. and does anyone know where the ECU is hidden??? i need to check if it got fried or sumtin cos that could be why fuel pump isnt gettin any power.

also cheers to the dude (didnt see a name of who wrote the reply) who put that stat thingo wit the power output on 91 RON and 95 RON. i do have a question tho i run Ultimate (98 RON) in my TX5 do u rekon id pull about 110kW??? and more torque??

cheers guys any input would be much appreciated i wanna get that car out on the road again!! icon4.gif hehe

Posted by: MR.TRBO on December 28, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

The ECU is located behind the radio console.
To remove it start in the passenger foot well and you'll see 3 plastic plugs. Extract the centre button of the plugs about 5mm (a finger nail does the job). Then the drivers foot well.
It is important at this stage that the car is parked where it will stay till the ECU is refitted and the ignition is not switched on or the alarm activated. If any of these things might happen, disconnect the negative lead of the battery as a precaution.
The ECU is held in with 4 bolts (10mm spanner) once undone unplug the 3 plugs on the passenger side.

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