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Profile Hits: 3780
Drivetrain Class: RWD
Engine Class: 8 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
Rating: average rating is 2.82 from 11 Votes  (2.82)
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Member: Bretts Buick
Vehicle: 1950 Buick Special 2dr Led Sled ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 27th January, 2006
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Bretts Buick's Comments:

This is my 1950 Buick, i bought it on the friday the 13th of August 2004 , and of all places my wife found it on Ebay. It was located way out west in Broken Hill and was built by a bloke who has built a few cars in his time and sells them (but i highly DO NOT recommend him at all), I paid $30,000 for it and have already spent a bit of money on it. It is one sweet sounding piece of machinery if i do say so my self.i am hoping to be at the 2007 summernats so stay posted for further info

Modification Listing
Engine Work:

The Car has a 350/350 combo and a ford nine inch pushing it along, the 350 small block is a 4 bolt main and has a 4.00 inch bore it has also been balanced and blue printed and has just been fully rebuilt from the ground up (which didn't come cheap i can tell ya) and can cuise quite easily at 190kmh on half throttle and we are yet to find out how much horse power it pushes out...


The roof has a chop of 125ml and has been turned into a unremoveable carson style roof it has been fitted with dummy side pipes, it has been smoothed and frenched all round but is in the process of having the door handles removed and fitted with keyless door openers, it has had the standard tail and F&R blinker lights replaced with de-soto lenses,the finish on it is a flat black satin finish with orange and white flames with purple pinstriping surrounding the flames,

Fuel System:

it is fitted with a twin throttle body gas research set up that has just been fully rebuilt and dyno tuned to run at its ultimate


The interior is simple but nicely done,the seats and door panels are done in a sort of flame orange with black dash and carpet


it is fitted with full air ride technology with inividual controls for each tyre, at full inflation it can lift the car to 10" high at full deflation it sits at approx 1" high

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Power Output: 557 wheel hp

Performance Comments:

is yet to test the quarter mile and also hasn't been Dyno'ed since the engine has been rebuilt.

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1950 Buick
Readers Comments
Posted by: Bretts Buick on January 1, 1970 [ Car Profile ]

<font size="+2">Car Profile Comments</font>

Member: Bretts Buick

Location: Australia, Ambarvale ,NSW

Vehicle: 1950 Buick Special 2dr Led Sled

Drivetrain: RWD

Engine: Naturally Aspirated 8 Cylinder

Car Category: Classic

Profile Created: October 15, 2004

Owner Comments: This is my 1950 Buick, i have only recently bought it a few months ago, and of all places my wife found it on Ebay. It was located way out west in Broken Hill and was built by a bloke called Dave who has built a few cars in his time and sells them all to the hot rodders of Australia (and your stupid if you buy any from him), I paid $30,000 for it and have already spent a bit of money on it since i have owned it due to the illegal action's of the people involved in selling me this car (much to my wifes displeasure).Its a great head turner and sound's great even though i have melted the ring's again (due to the incorrect gas i have found out), the only thing i can say that i don't like about my car is that it is a real big DICKHEAD magnet...

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Posted by: Droopz90IROC on November 9, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Nice dude! Always been a sled fan! I hope you enjoy your new car to its fullest!

Posted by: Van454 on November 29, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Love it. That is one mean small block. Cool flames, it's hard to beat a sled for style

Posted by: mx68u on January 1, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

animal car!

sorry to hear about the bad news, all the best in recovering your money, hopefully the solicitor fees will also be passed on. Are you after a complete repair/replacement of the gas system or did you want to just revert the sale, looks like a great car.

Posted by: Skena on February 20, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Look, i not 100% sure if it still works, and it can be a hard and heartbreaking thing to go through, but if i person gives a car a roadworthy, and then if it is found to be unroadworthy, then the person/company who gave the roadworthy is liable, and they are to bear all the expense to alter the car till it is agian roadworthy, and i would be speaking to your solicitor about that if i were you, because as you have spent a lot of money on the car, and the scum sucking bastard who was paid of should get hit by one hell of a kharma train.

Posted by: Van454 on February 21, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

That sucks dude, sorry to hear about your probs sad.gif . Out of curiosity what is the hassle with it? Is it to do with the roof chop? I hope you nail the prick that ripped you off mad.gif Keep us posted.

Posted by: RpM--- on December 12, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

hey looks awesome....hope u end up getting its moneys worth out of it somehow, or you get it back!

Posted by: Bretts Buick on January 26, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

Thank's to all for your advice and message's of pity but i have come to the conclusion that what will be will be, and i can sit back and look it it as one hell of a huge mistake to learn from. this is the most recent update i can give you on the past B/S about the car and that is i still have the car and i am currently getting it ready for the Canberra Summernats 2007 show, i never recovered any of the money back but i did get the satisfaction of knowing that the kharma train has hit all that was involved in selling me the death trap i now own like a bull at a gate, the people in volved in the engineer's report and the blue slip lost their licence and was fined by the RTA and the guy who built and sold me the car, well he suffered by being hit by that frecky storm that hit Broken hill not so long ago and i found out from a source that his house recieved some pretty extensive damage to it and i haven't had to pay a thing for them to suffer....yet....he he, so every one out there that has felt my pain look out for me at the Nat's next year and i am hoping that the beast will be completely ready and cruisable by then, so thankyou again to everyone and keep on cruising, don't get caught wink.gif and keep safe.

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