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Drivetrain Class: RWD
Engine Class: 8 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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General Information Car Directory
Member: Van454
Vehicle: 1978 Holden Hz Panelvan sandman ( More )
Location: aust
Last Updated: 17th February, 2005
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Van454's Comments:

I've owned my van for about 4.5 years, and have been slowly adding to it as it is my daily driver. It started out with a 253 and aussie 4spd, but I changed that to a 308/t400 about 6mths in. I've always planned for a 454, and I have finally gotten around to fitting one. The 454 is on straight gas and has approx 480hp so I think this will keep me amused. I will post some pics of the 454 in place and of the bonnet scoop as soon as I can.

Modification Listing

Front, Hoppers Stoppers 300mm rotor and twin piston caliper conversion. Rear HZ Caprice disc. Slotted rotors all round. C3 Corvette master cylinder


turbo 400 with stage 2 shift kit and 2000rpm T.C.E. converter. XA GT 28 spline Ford 9in lsd.

Engine Work:

454 Big Block Chev on straight gas. Mild Crane cam, roller rockers, pocket ported oval port heads. Edelbrock dual plan medium rise manifold, Pacemaker extractors, recurved Chev HEI with Accel high discharge coil,Eagle 9mm spiral core leads.

Exhaust System:

Pacemaker Tri-y extractors and twin 3in exhaust with edelbrock RPM seris mufflers dumped in front of the diff


Hz Caprice front. Half moon headlight covers and bubble taillight covers. Hornet Pro scoop to cover the gas mixers which stick through the bonnet

Intake System:

Twin impco 425 gas mixers (straight gas), twin B2 converters


Autotechnica racing seats. Gts dash with white dials. Custum center consol with B&M Quicksilver shifter. Electric windows from a statesman. Full length head lining.

Rolling Stock:

15 x 8 corvette rally wheels with 15 x 265/50 BFGs on the front and 15 x 275/60 Sumotomos on the back.

Stereo System:

Pioneer cd head. Phillips 6.5in splits in front. VDO 6x9s and 12in sub in back. Sony 4 channel amp (front running bridged into 2ch stereo) Sentrek amp(rear running 3ch)


lowered 2.5in pedders springs and shocks

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 440 wheel hp

Performance Comments:

I've never run it down the 1/4 but I hope to soon.

Photo Album Members Gallery

side on at home

Front showing tyre width and headlight covers

Shot of the back showing taillight covers

Another shot of the 454

The big block as I bought it

The gas gear on the 454

Sitting at home

The current 308

another shot of the 308

Shot of my seats

my GTS dash with white gauges
Readers Comments
Posted by: Van454 on December 2, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

I've just added 9 more pics. Love to hear peoples thoughts. Anyone who has done a Big Block swap before, I would appreciate any tips on little hassles (I am aware that they go straight in but if there is anything that I need to watch I'd love to know in advance) biggrin.gif

Posted by: mx68u on December 21, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

wow 480hp on gas, im sure thats alot of fun to drive with the 308 but with a 454 that thing will be awesome. Nice ride mate thumbup.gif keep us posted on the install!

Posted by: Van454 on February 15, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Just to keep everyone up to date, I have started the big block conversion today. I have removed the nose of the car and have spent the best part of the day getting the engine out. I would complain about how much of a bitch it is to remve and manover such large engines, but I guess you guys with FWD cars have it worse, at least i have room to work. I plan to get the 454 in tommorow and up and running in the next couple of days wacko.gif

Posted by: Van454 on February 25, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Got it running 2 days ago. Boy it's got some torque, I had no trouble smoking both tyres (275's remember) for around 35-40 metres just by flooring it from a standstill in drive. No stalling it up on the converter or using the brakes. I think that I will have to change the exhaust as it is too loud and too low (it sounds awesome though). I am in the process of fitting some thermo fans as it runs abit hot. laugh.gif cool.gif

Posted by: madsav on June 18, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

mate unlike you i came to see your profile not to pick on your car or what ever you have written about it, but to say
well done you have a nice tidy car on your hands congrats

Posted by: Van454 on June 19, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Well thank you for the positive comments. I must say that you have missed the point of my comments however, as you would have noticed I have maintained all along that if you make big claims (and 13sec 1/4 miles from a V6 VN is a huge call) then you need to be able to back them up.

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