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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
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Member: Zako
Vehicle: 1988 Mazda 626 GT ( More )
Location: Australia
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Zako's Comments:

Currently have the F2T in the 626. Currently running a CAI, very stock looking except for reverse scoop which will soon feed air back into stock air box. The car has 230,000kms, and still going strong. Just spent $1750 on a Stage 2 shift kit, 7 clutch packs instead of 4 and kevlar bands on the auto box. Will soon upgrade the diff to a Torsen one. Boosted to 9 psi due to broken engine mounts (They snap all the time. Currently completing a little custom mount project) Used to run it at 13psi. (Mind you I went through 5 auto boxes since Feb 2003)

Modification Listing
Drivetrain: $1750

Stage 2 shift kit (7 clutch packs, kevlar bands. Still reckon the guys who did my box put in the 4wd GT LSD. They had one lying there!!!

Exterior: $50

Reverse scoop has been installed to suck cool air into engine bay. Was originally going to route it to air box, but space was a problem. This will be solved by installing a cowl similar to the mustang with fins over the turbo. Cutting into the bonnet will allow me just enough space to route a tube to the air box. Chopped out the front bumper to allow sufficient cooling of the intercooler. Will soon upgrade to a full sized front mounted intercooler. Will either construct a custom bar or modify existing one.

Intake System: $25

A temporary pod setup. The pod will be relocated to further down the well once battery has been relocated to the boot

Interior: $20

Got bored of the grey dash inserts, so I sprayed the inserts cherry red to suit the suits.

Stereo System: $600

JVC headunit, Ford Amp, 4inch JBL Speakers up front. Currently building boxes to house 6 inch kicker speakers

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Readers Comments
Posted by: ODIN on June 24, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

looking good zako. Welcome aboard.

Posted by: Rodhog on June 24, 2003 [ Car Profile ]


Posted by: mx68u on June 25, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

nice to see a modded 626, they look great, i would of got one of them if one came across when i was looking for the mx6, spent 7 damn months driving my mums carby swift blink.gif

Posted by: Zako on June 26, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Thanks for the welcome guys. I've been contemplating respraying the bonnet and rear end as I've shaved off the boot lock on the hatch and the scoop install isn't quite finished.

This should be done by next Tuesday. If I had the money I'd be doing the whole care a nice colour with a pearl coat or something. but hey, i'll get my baby looking good again soon. biggrin.gif

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