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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 6 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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General Information Car Directory
Member: ODIN
Vehicle: 1993 Mazda MX-6 V6 ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 21st May, 2004
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ODIN's Comments:

4WS model. Silver in Colour. Sunroof. These are old pics. Need to take some new ones:)

Modification Listing
Brakes: $540

Slotted DBA rotors front and rear

Exterior: $250

35% Window Tinting, Clear foglight mod.

Intake/Exhaust: $950

2.5 inch catback mandrel bent exhaust system. With Hi-flow cat and straight through muffler.

Rolling Stock:

looking for mags+ lowering next

Suspension: $380

front + rear ractive strut bars, Whiteline rear swaybar

Photo Album Members Gallery

3/4 view

1/4 view

Hi flow cat

mandrel bent

exhaust pic

mandrel bent


final sticker

blue sticker
Readers Comments
Posted by: mx68u on May 2, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

nice ride ODIN thumbup.gif but i have to say those pics are shithouse icon4.gif have you managed to fit those whiteline sway bars yet? i was thinking something similiar (upgrading the stockers) but not sure about the benefit factor, let me know how it went... any other modz to the 6 planned by any chance?

Posted by: ODIN on May 2, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

yes I know those photos are shithouse!! ermm.gif smile.gif I just need to get the new ones developed.. Plus my digi camera needs a bloody file to work on my computer...... I'll be up in Sydney on the weekend.

If I get a chance I might be getting whiteline to look at the car..... since no one here wants to Modify the bushes to make the darn things fit. Can't believe they dont supply the correct bushes.(bushes supplied are way to big for the bracket) BTW wheres minto at in Sydney???

future plans??? maybe klze IM, CAI and get the phenos fitted while I'm at it.

Posted by: mx68u on May 2, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

minto is in sydney's south.. so far in fact i wouldnt call it sydney at all, about an 1hr from the city ohmy.gif just before campbelltown.. or in your case... after wink.gif

Mechanical modz do sound promising ODIN.. some high octane fuel and advanced timing wouldnt go astray tho smile.gif

Posted by: ODIN on May 2, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Everyone tells me that the swaybar makes a big diff. Mr mx6 was saying it hunkers the rear end done a fair bit. It does seem a bit floaty at the moment when I gun it around corners, just need to get mine fitted.

Woo had an aftermarket front one put on and he was crowing up the results.

Posted by: Guest_anthony on October 15, 2003

Are you in canberra? where? rolleyes.gif

Posted by: ODIN on October 16, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Belconnen how about you?

Posted by: ODIN on December 8, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

New updated pics Yay!!!! smile.gif

Posted by: mx68u on December 8, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Nice pics, none of the beast tho icon4.gif

The zorst looks like a good job, however that last bend seems like its press bent, see how there is a kink inward at the top. Just wondering whats going on there?

Posted by: ODIN on December 8, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

hmm didnt notice that b4 will have a look l8r

Posted by: Guest_azn_kert on December 19, 2003

ey wattup,

sooooo, u have an mx6 to huh, n damn u noe wat u need new picture of the car smile.gif , n e ways i too have an mx6 but mines the 96 models, i was just wunderin if u noe how fast ur car runs in the 1/4 mile because my runs 14.7 sec, n damn i think this is still slow, aight who the fuk cares rite, i mean fuk the 14 sec, because if ur is 14 sec to damn u'll be like meh n we could wast those damn mustangs out there, i was also wunderin if u raced with urs to,so far i've only lost to a integra gsr, aight latr enuf of meh typin.

plez respond

oh yea almost forgot, DO U NOE WAT KIND OF TURBO WILL FIT A MX6???

Posted by: ODIN on January 14, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Unfortunately we dont have a drag strip where I am sad.gif I havent raced to much, did beat a 92? prelude biggrin.gif by a car length

Posted by: Guest_Guest on January 21, 2004

oden call me anthony wes has my contact no.Baja

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