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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
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General Information Car Directory
Member: Rodhog
Vehicle: 1990 Mazda MX-6 Turbo ( More )
Location: Lakemba
Last Updated: 8th June, 2005
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Rodhog's Comments:

IT's Fully SICK and it's Fully Stock I swear to God. Nah it's fine for what it does it's Auto because Manual cars that are not big can't handle Size 17 inch shoes. It's been alright but pretty stock

Modification Listing

better pads $100 each side need them after running on the backing pad. pads don't last long.


Yes somthing was done to the ECU But that's my secert and your problem to guess. I mean it's the only thing I have done been Dynoed but hey I can't read the Dyno sheet. Trust Me the Car is not Fast


Auto Rebuild rebuild only cost $2000 but add $8000 for all the time wasted for all the other 3 rebuilds. Now hopefully final rebuilt box runs modded oil pump, new diff and internal gearbox parts. Plus most treated by Cryogenics


This is a mystery it's stock I tell you just a little add boost due to the exhaust, nothing else. Oh there was time it ran 13psi with unichip tuned and put on by Ric Shaw Performance. Put out about 95KW's at the wheels


It's Bigger with 2.5inch tip turbo Back free flowing cat Resonator and Lucky Muffler. nothing Special


Free neons Cool lights I didn\'t pay but $100 worth.Seats gone through like 2 So that meant $450 of 2nd ahnd seats New seats to come Cost to be $1000 or $500 If I get some Type R Seats.


2DIN Kenwood with HQ 7x10's with Jaycar amp and depending on what is in boot has had 4 12 inch subs. Now has empty space waiting. Okay now upgraded to more but lets start with deck Double Din Kenwood Tape/CD 4inch Jaycar fronts 7X10's in back shelf kenwood HQ series 15inch Pioneer Sub in Pioneer Box Jaycar 2X100watt amp Jaycar 2X150 amp 300Watt Sansui amp


Complete Total System from K-MAC Springs F/R stiffer standard height Shocks KYB H/D Rear and Monroe H/D Front Front Sway bar 2mm plus Thicker rear sway bar 22-24mm. New bushes on swaybar and in front lower control arms, Nolathane. All work done at K-MAC in Sydney


Stock on but new thank You NRMA $1200 from Japan what more could I want maybe a $3000 GT-R one ? but may run a little more boost thne stock but no much. i don't have boost guage anymore after it blew, it now just sits on 15psi


Fully Sick Tempe Tyres 16's With F1's I don't care to much on wheels as long as tyres grip good.

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 145 wheel hp
Torque: 250 Nm
0 - 100km/hr: 9
Quarter Mile: 16

Performance Comments:

I told you nothing it's stock it only pulls 8.9 and 16 because it's an Auto just like from the Factory. Ask anybody in Lakemba who's raced me they says it's slow too

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Oh yeah Fun


nutter getting nutty

Cruz parked

Da wheels

Stock but Fully Sick

North Wollongong

Oh yeah

It's stock

MX68U Under the shade of a Tree

filter catch

Mx-6 at BHP

Wagon fill it up with mates all 6 of them

Diff gears size

Diff gears reduce power

CAP for systems

Sansui amp

Amp for sub

Fuses and CAP

1st amp

Mx68U's engine bay

new sparco seat



original 90

crazyed owner

rear ended wagon
Readers Comments
Posted by: Guest_Habib on June 11, 2003

Bro you are the fully sickest

Posted by: Guest_ALI A's on June 13, 2003

BRo don't talk shit bro
16 seconds okay now becuase your a cheap arse who doens't want to pay for fuel.
But bro How about all those cars at the runs you beat they were easy 15second cars Man that VTEC HONDA got eaten, but wait for the Skyline

Posted by: mx-6turbo on January 8, 2004

hey 16s is not bad... I got the same car and auto too... but I upgrade my intercooler and piping and boost controoler and bov I hit 14 second in 1/4 mile. pushing 10-15 psi stock turbo... smoke b16 swat and gsR like nothing beside is Auto rolleyes.gif .

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