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Member: EFI_LC
Vehicle: 1970 Holden Torana LC 3.3 EFI ( More )
Location: New Zealand
Last Updated: 9th January, 2006
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EFI_LC's Comments:

Currently being built for racing as a club car, classic fun. I am what would be typically called a ageing petrolhead who wants a bit of fun. Decided on an injected engine for good useable power delivery. Installed the computer and wiring myself with some guidance from a local racer. Worked out all the parts and sourced them over a longer period than I wanted but eventually it was worth the wait. Its fully certified for a Commodore motor so I figured the money I spent buying it was worth every cent!

Modification Listing
Brakes: $15

Disc front end with HQ limiter to the rear. XU1 Booster. Booster came with car as did the disc front end all I added was the limiter.

Driveline: $420

4-Speed M20, 3.55:1 diff LSD ready to go in soon again, I blew my first one and have one fully rebuilt at mates rates. original clutch and plate that came with car

ECU: $25

The standard EFI Computer is used but I hope to replace this with a programmable model later. All the pollution gear was removed so it uses basically four sensors to run the engine, Air, Temp, Injectors, Throttle position. I installed a fuse box near the battery and have cheated a little by using power from the coil as when the engine cranks power is reduced to most of the other sources.

Engine Work: $550

Balanced Steel counterweighted, Hardened rods, Billet Cam rated Fast Street grind, lightened flywheel. Rebuilt electronic dizzy. It idles sort of. NOTE: I bought the engine fully built with the ECU and his old exhaust system plus a spare 5-speed box and clutch for this price. (Right place at the right time I reckon)

Exhaust System: $250

To save cost I used the stock EFI headers which were cut just below the 3 into 1 collectors then had Uniweld fabricate a 3 into 1 and that uses 2 1/2" to the muffler. I have now finished the exhaust using a better flowing muffler which came with my engine. The old extractors from my red motor wouldn't fit around the EFI Intakes.


Needs full paint at the moment

Fuel System: $150

Designed my own using VK pump, extra bulb at bottom of tank holds about 4 litres and acts like a surge tank, its protected by the diff housing. I used the original pickup and straightened the kink inside the tank so it sat at the bottom of the bulb. This way I never had to modify the fuel guage sensor inside the tank. Next I had local place weld a fitting for the return line into the top and then ran fuel hose from the that to the front of the engine bay. The only high pressure line needed was from the pump to the existing line approx. 20cm and from the engine in to the existing line another 20cm this cut the cost significantly. The return follows the existing line and is tied in place to it. I also run an adjustable fuel pressure rail so I can squeeze the standard 35psi to 50psi for an added high end boost.

Head Work:

Stainless oversize valves, ported & bench flowed, double springs, 12 port

Intake System:

Polished Intake with adjustable pressure gauge. VR airbox intake piece reversed and mounted with a POD mounted on what was is usually on the inside the airbox, works a treat and dirt cheap. No pollution gear is on this car which allows it to be tuned more radically. It has two seperate airbox adjustments. It is a bit cold blooded but still idles when cold so I can live with this.


Still needs lots of work but taking shape with Mazda RX7 seats and modified interior as bought. The mongrel before me mothered the tunnel and he had a Commodore 5-speed in it... YUCK! I stuffed the box in the first fast drive and it was stuck in third, thank goodness I was only 10 minutes from home.

Rolling Stock: $1400

With the lowered springs it has been brought back up with a set of 14" 1960's-1970's style kidney mags with 195x65x14 on rear and 185x65x14 on front. NOTE: Price is for the complete rest of the car. It had a fair bit of work done to it but was starting to look a bit untidy. The front shocks were almost non existant and the steering needed a rebuilt rack.

Stereo System:

None at present but this will be mild not wild.

Suspension: $250

Lowered with King Springs and using Pedders Front shocks with Gabriels on the rear. At present there are no sway bars but as I come to terms with the handling I will experiment with adjustable bars.

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 160 wheel hp
Quarter Mile: 14.38

Performance Comments:

Pre Race comment:Unknown until I go to drags in a couple of weeks. Should do a 14+ second pass I hope, maybe not with this dizzy. And with a bit of tweaking (alot) hope to be able to crack a 13 second pass. A long way off my personal best for a previous LC I owned. ----- Post Race comment: After arriving at the drags I was hopeful of a good showing of this unknown package. First run was a dissapointing 16.4@86mph then 16.3 then 16.0 I was beginning to think bad... I went over the engine and found the vacuam advance was blocked off....It was in the shop getting the dizzy reset last night, I wonder if this will do much though, 15.4@90mph. What a relief as I practised my takeoffs, excessive wheelspin was a problem and my 60ft time was sometimes 2.7 and the final pass for the day was 15.322@89.46mph, 60ft 2.429. I find this absolutely acceptable and will do some adjustments to drop it into the 14 second bracket. ----- OK So I replaced the LSD with a 3.55:1 but when I went to the drags again I went slower with even more wheelspin. As the track warmed up my times started to come down and I was getting traction again. I finished the day with a best of 15.24 @ 90.91mph. I was hoping for about 3-4mph extra and around .3-.4 seconds faster but I think the tune was a bit out so until next time. ----- I changed nothing and achieved a 15.054 @ 89.64mph on 26th September 2004. Grippy track helped. ----- YIPEE... I cracked a sub 15 at the drags on Sunday 9th and will post this when I scan it. I blew my LSD so had to go back to my open diff which has 3.08 gears and did 3 14.9 second passes! All I have done was alter the timing and opened the plugs up to 1.2mm instead of the 1.0mm they were on. I was running approx. 50psi fuel rail pressure as well but I always run this at the drags. My old diff has been rebuilt and I will put it in before the next meet as my 60ft times were about .1 - .2 seconds slower and I have one more trick which I wont say. I am told there is another .1-.2 seconds using it. ----- Race Date: 13th March 2005 eplaced my LSD with the newly rebuilt unit using a higher preload (approx 150lbs. 14.9 straight up put a smile on my dial as this was the fastest 1st run I had ever done and just outside my PB. A couple of adjustments during the day made an immediate improvement which saw my personal best for this car leap. 14.473@93.44mph ----- King of the Street meeting. Requirements: Rego & WOF plus either street legal or DOT tyres. Some incredible times and the best of the day was a Honda Prelude 11.7 seconds. I picked up 3rd in my class but wasn't happy with my times although I was getting huge wheelspin. 14.7@92mph was my best. Ok its been a while since i did anything here and on Friday night the car was put on a dyno and immediately found a problem with it running lean up top, fixed and with that proceeded to the drags on Sunday. A new personal best mph of 97.40mph on the first run and just shy of a PB time as well. I dialed in on a 14.5 and in the first competition run I got a good grippy start and as i was in front i eased off the accelerator before the line to record a slow mph but the best time of 14.38. I am looking forward to a 14.2 next time I get a grippy start :) unless I get the new computer before then.

Photo Album Members Gallery

My new project

RX7 Seats but needs more work other places

Lying in wait for the transplant

1/4 mile time slip

Retro 1970's theme with the wheels.

Old engine purred but lacked real power.

Running but plenty to go

Fuel pump in boot, still needs to be tidier in here too.

Computer sits nicely out of the way

I have tried to keep the 70's style.

Drags 9th January 2005
Readers Comments
Posted by: Fake_xu1 on July 21, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

hmmm fuel injection *drool* haha nice torry you have there... keep up the good work and make sure you let us know how the project is moving along.

cool.gif Good job.

Posted by: Van454 on December 1, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Great car. Old car with new tech is the way to go. Fantastic to see people who are not scared to post their timesheets. I guess tires are your main limiting factor since theres not much room under the guards, still low 15s is pretty respectable despite some of the claims made elsewhere on this site.

Posted by: EFI_LC on January 18, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Well high 14's biggrin.gif now and I am building a fuel adjuster from scratch and hope to include this on it over the next month with the recond diff. I will stick to my aim of high 13's but may have to settle for low to mid 14s as the budget will put a stop on it.

Posted by: Van454 on January 18, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

I know what U mean about budget being a limiting factor. It must be nice to have such a lightweight car, I reckon mine would be lucky to run a mid 15 and I'm running a mild 308. Congrats on getting into the 14s I'd be pretty stoked with that, but hopfully you can make it into the 13s with too much hassle. cool.gif

Posted by: LJ7369 on May 2, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Hey there man
i got a 73 lj and i also have a blue 3.3 to go in it waiting, just wanted to know if there were any problems with engineers in nz with it. im in aus and just wanted to know if it was a straight swap and any other upgrades you would recommend.
thanks dude.

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