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Profile Hits: 1546
Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
Rating: average rating is 2.29 from 7 Votes  (2.29)
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General Information Car Directory
Member: Nemesis
Vehicle: 1985 Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 21st January, 2006
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Nemesis's Comments:

Hi, Im Aydin and this is my Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo. It is currently goin through a name change so she currently dosnt have a name :( When i brought it, it needed new tyres, power steering repaired, battery replaced, drivers side rear window replaced, it had a leak in the half moon seal, bonnet needed replacing, a good cleanup of the interior, a bit of a wash and polish and a might of engine work. Since then, everything has been repaired or replaced. Although just after i brought it sum of my friends told me to sell it cause of all the work it needed. But i stuck it out and put in the money and although me and my car have the occasional mishap or get a case of PSM on da days ending with y...I still luv it

Modification Listing
Exhaust System: $540

The old exhaust was replaced with a 2.5" sports Exhaust. Which for some reason makes my car sound a lot louder and nicer then its ment to...No complains here :)

Exterior: $1300

The Exterior Has been painted With Metallic Blue Paint (which will turn purple under fluoesant light) with Chrome trims along the Bottom and a Chrome patch on the centre of the bonnet. THe Grill has also had Racing Mesh Added.

Fuel System: $750

The car originally had a double webs carby but apparently just before i brought it got changes to a throttle body and fuel injection...The above price is a rough estament...dont quote me

Head Work: $1100

My engine currently when through the process of getting a new i blew the headgasket between two of the cylinders..Explained the lawn mower sound effects and very very poor preformance...After a week of it stranded in the finally got its new transeplant and runs smoothly and better then ever :)

Intake System: $69

The intake system is nothing special because just before we started the process of buying a K&N pod filter...we found a oxygen sensor hidden in the back of my air filter box...Not kewl (price is for air filter)

Interior: $210

The interior is curently undergoin a transformation....instead of the original dark gray/black dash, inserts and interio peices...all is getting a slight make ove. the new colour scheme inside is Light Gray and sumthing Metallic Purple (cant remember the first part. THough is looken pretty got in da early stages...also the dash reveived whith dash inserts with blue text (also has mitsubishi symble on da speedo and CORDIA on da tacho Written in red) will update rest a bit later... (price is so far..)

Rolling Stock: $1200

My cordia has 14" CSA Gold 5 spoke mags with 175/65 tyres. Soon to be 17" RJR Action Gold Mags with low profiles

Stereo System: $1500

Currently, my cordia has a JVC head unit with 2 6x9 Alpine rear speakers and 2 Alpine front speakers with seperate tweeters. It also now has a Us AUdio Amp with a Dominator Sub. Which for a sub of it size...compliments my car well :)

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 110 wheel hp
Torque: 210 Nm
0 - 100km/hr: 7.9
Quarter Mile: 15.9

Performance Comments:

Yeah, da above stats are from a stock standard cordia, i dont current have stats for my car because of two things....One Ive been to lazy and the fuel prizes just dont agree with my wallet...two my car has a problem which hasnt been diagnosed yet...Mechanics are usless ere

Photo Album Members Gallery

Cordia Lookin Tough lol

Mags...soon to be replaced...hopefully

Rear (A might beater up cause of a Commodore)

My car asleep in the shed after a long run of delivering Pizza's. lol

Dash Inset

View From Da Top

Side viewage...A peice of trip fell off :(

View from a Far Out Way lol

This is my dash tacho with the lights off

This is my dash tachi with the lights ON
Readers Comments
Posted by: Nemesis on June 14, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Hi, just have a look and tell me what u think.


Posted by: McScully on June 15, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

innocent.gif NEMISIS! Yay- Go AYDIN! Love from Your Bonnet Bitch

Posted by: Fake_xu1 on June 16, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Nice, i love cordias, crazy little cars... have you checked out Daves cordia.... we used to have a few cruises together, very tidy example of a cordia... cool.gif

Posted by: Nemesis on June 16, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Yeah, it is a pretty sick cordia. That was what made me put my cordia on here. I reakon, for eailey model cars, they look better then some of the newer cars. But that is just a personal thought.

Posted by: foetoid on March 1, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Nice wheels. I love cordia's i am about to buy my fathers cordia from him. Pretty standard with a reconditioned turbo and 10psi boost. Got a luvly wing and 17 inch rims too. My advice (well this is what i am doing anyway) is to drop in an early evo engine, maybe like a series 4 or 5, add an intercooler, and see about converting the beast to AWD. The evo engine bolts straight on the the stock gearbox but the engine mounts will need modification. I like the paint job you got but the hood looks crap (in my opinion). Cordia engine bays are all untidy mainly cause the pipe from the turbo to the inlet goes over the engine, and untidy engine bays give me the poops. If the evo engine is out of the question, get one from a vr4 galant, it's the same engine, but the evo ones are already suped up. And please get a aluminium radiator and some braided hoses, it'll look a lot nicer, the car will run a little cooler (meaning you can flog it more), and it won't set you back too much.

Posted by: 351 LTD on July 9, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

yeah hey ya goin mate iam looking at buying a cordia i would like to know if there are any known problems and if so what are they and what are they like on fuel seeings how you run pizzas in it (so i read in your fotos)

Posted by: Nemesis on August 18, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

yeah, it goes good on fuel if i dont flog it roun d to much, sum days it will be happy to slid gently round a corner but then sumdays its an old granny and just isnt happy. but i think thats mainly due to a problem within my car. when i first got it, it ran perfect and i t round 600kms in down, not bad considering all the gearing. i have also noticed dat if u sit at a constant speed when crusing along the highway...100-110 u can get great fuel economy, i got from Maryborough to Brisbane on 1/4 of a tank!!!But on da way bak was to busy over taking cars and yeah. Now although my car might not look da best its top speed for da 20 yr old beast is still 240kph biggrin.gif still noting dat a engine was reconed bot 2 yrs ago lol

All up they are nice cars and im hoping to get it all done up buy christmas biggrin.gif

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