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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
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General Information Car Directory
Member: Ads_Tx5
Vehicle: 1990 Ford Telstar TX5 ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 3rd December, 2005
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Ads_Tx5's Comments:

1990 Ford Telstar Tx5 Turbo

Modification Listing

Modified Air-flow meter, to stop the fuel cutting. Turbo Timer

Exhaust System:

2.5 inch turbo back with, hi flow muffler and cat. Aftermarket Twin Tip muffler.


Modified front bar to accomodate the large cooler, otherwise just a clean straight body

Intake System:

K&N Pod Air Filter


Autometer Boost Gauge, and custom painted dash and interior pieces in red colour. Sports Steering wheel.

Rolling Stock:

17" ANZ Matrix Wheels with Bridgestone Potenza G3 tires.

Stereo System:

Panasonic Head Unit, Phillips 6x9 inch-back, VDO 6.5 inch-back, Pioneer 4 inch-front, running of a Alpine amp, and a 12 inch Alpine sub running of a Audioline amp.


Pedders springs, slightly lowered, bout 1.5 inches or so


Hybrid Front Mount Cooler, 600x300x75, with custom piping. Standard turbo running 11psi

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Readers Comments
Posted by: LOW_TX5 on December 4, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Hey mate do your cooler pipes go under the car (radiator), can you put up a better picture.

Posted by: MR.TRBO on December 5, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

hey man ya car looks sik as

Posted by: Ads_Tx5 on December 6, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Thanks bro. I just hav to lower it more. i'll put up more pics of the car soon.

Posted by: Ads_Tx5 on December 6, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Thanks bro. I just hav to lower it more. i'll put up more pics of the car soon.
Mr.Trbo, ur car is looking good 2, I like where you are going with the mods and wat u done so far. keep it up.

Posted by: xtreme tx5 on December 7, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

hey man nice car, can u put up a pic of ya engine bay. with a good shot of ya piping. cheers bro.

Posted by: SABBAi on January 7, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

Nice car man. I've seen it around. Looks smooth as!

Posted by: MR.TRBO on February 2, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

love to see a pic of ya engine bay man ,alwayz good to see what other ppl have dun !

Posted by: T_REX-5 on February 14, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

Hey Bro, just asking do you get any problems with the Police with your intercooler some mates told me cops love pulling us boys over. And have you ever been pulled over by these pricks. let me knoe the out come thanks mate. Later

Posted by: zorb_rules on February 14, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

*lol* cops are just doing their job mate why are they pricks?? hell ve lost my license too them twice ive still got respect for them...cops will pull you over for intercoolers for 1 of 2 reasons:
1. The believe its not your only air intake mod e.g you have a pod filter or cold air intake.. which makes your car unroadworthy in some states.

2. Or your intercooler is a danger e.g it hangs too low, it is exposed (not covered by a front bar), or it is deemed dangerous (sharp edges etc) this is because n the chance of an accident (especially if you hit a pedestrian) not only will they be injured from you hitting them but the sharp edges in the exposed cooler will tear them to shreds...

If a FMIC is fitted correctly the cops wont give you a problem...

Posted by: Ads_Tx5 on February 17, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

Na bro never had a problem with the cooler. Got cannaries mainly for rims, being too wide, and steering wheel without padding in the middle. I got sent to epa and its all sweet as long as i didnt have a pod filter. I'v been pulled over alot of times but they never said anything about the cooler or the bar, mainly because its well secure and the pipes were done professionaly without cutting any original metal plates or panels, otherwise they all sweet with it. But u always get sum fukin pig thats gona fuk u up, sum are alrite but most are pricks.

Posted by: gombatron2000 on April 9, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

tell me bout it, btw nice job on d car looks sweet, got any more pics i would love 2 c em

Posted by: MerlinTX5 on May 8, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

I'd be more worried of the damage that can happen by not having it protected by a front bar. However mines half the size so I could be just jealous! Jokes

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