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Profile Hits: 4236
Drivetrain Class: AWD
Engine Class: Rotary Turbo Charged
Rating: average rating is 2.85 from 13 Votes  (2.85)
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General Information Car Directory
Member: [D1 RX7]
Vehicle: 1989 Mazda RX7 S5 GT-X Savanna ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 23rd February, 2004
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Modification Listing
Exhaust System:

Full 3inch system with 4 inch muffler

Intake System:

M's Airpod


Driver/Passenger BRIDE seats, Blitz Dual SBC, weight reduction, Full Roll cage, RAZO knob, OMORI oil, oil temp, water, and boost gauges.

Rolling Stock:

16 inch AVS 6 spoke rims


Fully adjustable coilovers, Sway bar, Strut brace

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More images coming soon, when supplier returns to japan (around 20th of jan)

Readers Comments
Posted by: RoTaCaRbOy on February 18, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

yea pretty sweet ride, the interior looks a bit stuffed but the outside looks wicked wacko.gif

Posted by: ODIN on February 18, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

nice car, did you get it through prestigemotorspor? or

Good service?

Posted by: [D1 RX7] on February 22, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

im not too worried about the interior, only thing thats wrong with it is the lack of stereo. All the junk in there is just parts for my car. Ill sell my gauges and buy some HKS direct brights, the seats are worth about 1800bucks, IF you can find em.
I went through prestige mate, the service was good, although towards the end we had some problem with damage to my car which is unresolved, and will end up with me having to fork out to fix it

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