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Profile Hits: 3020
Drivetrain Class: RWD
Engine Class: 6 Cylinder Turbo Charged
Rating: average rating is 2.78 from 9 Votes  (2.78)
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Drivetrain Class HP
Ranking: 33/75 33 / 75
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General Information Car Directory
Member: Some Bored Dude
Vehicle: 1986 Holden Commodore VL Berlina Turbo ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 27th November, 2004
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Some Bored Dude's Comments:

Here is my VL Berlina Wagon. The car was pretty much purchased stock, with me doin a few modifications to it. The vehicle came stock from factory as a Berlina Turbo Wagon, with a 5 Speed, as the complience and VIN plate have proven. After owning an 8 before this car, the 6 CYL Turbo, was deffinantly a jump forward. the V8 was great for torque, noise, and topend. was also good for keeping ya wallet light, unwanted attention, and blue lights close by. More work is to be done on the car, but as I use it as my everyday car, they come by a bit slow. The car is kept in excellent condition, but get it's moments. But a cumfortable car to drive, with the luxury of Speed when required.

Modification Listing

Re-Conditioned 5 Speed Manual, with 'Extreme' Clutch

Exhaust System:

Complete 3" Mandrill Bent Exhaust System

Intake System:

K&N Pod Air filter

Rolling Stock:

17x8 RMG Quake's, with GT Radial HPZ 235/45ZR17


GReddy Profect B Boost Controller

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 219 wheel hp
Torque: 303 Nm
0 - 100km/hr: 6.48
Quarter Mile: 13.68

Performance Comments:

These Results were done by G-Tech. It's the clostes thing we got to a dyno. And is pretty accurate wirh results

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Interitor Front

Stratos Bucket Seats

Rear Seats


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Readers Comments
Posted by: Guest_m0ng0 on January 4, 2004

have u considering dumping it

Posted by: Some Bored Dude on January 4, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

QUOTE (m0ng0 @ Jan 4 2004, 04:34 PM)
have u considering dumping it

wacko.gif eh?

Posted by: Fake_xu1 on January 5, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

'Dumping' - The ancient art of lowering suspension! laugh.gif

Posted by: das_moogan on March 3, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Hey man, your car has sooooo much potential. Can I borrow your motor and not give it back? Come check out my VL wagon. She's not a turbo but she wants to be.

Posted by: Some Bored Dude on May 13, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Heya PPL

I havnt been around for a bit, but im back online, just been doin some work on the wagon. I'll be updating the pic's soon, hopefully, and have some crusie photo's up.

Keep Driving!

P.S. das_moogan,
No you cannot borrow my engine, i need it icon4.gif

Posted by: Some Bored Dude on October 11, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Pics Updated... Finnatly biggrin.gif:D:D

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