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Drivetrain Class: RWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
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Member: ca18_datto
Vehicle: 1969 Datsun 1600 CA18DET ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 7th November, 2003
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ca18_datto's Comments:

The 1600 was bought from Brisbane in early May 2001, with the intention of be used as a daily driver until we had the finances for an SR20 conversion. Some 'quick' removal of rust in the rear quarter panels soon escalated into a major project though. As many will vouch, this can happen very easily! We then decided to paint all the outside panels, and then that progressed to the engine bay as well. The L18 that the car was bought with has made way for a Nissan CA18DET motor. After a few upsets and setbacks, the car has now been running for about a year with no major problems. Now that the car finally together, running and road registered, the main concern is to upgrade other aspects of the car such as handling, stopping and traction, as I am very happy with the current performance. I figure why bother having a car that goes well when you can't make full use of the power? Another main object is to ensure the power delivery is reliable - I want the motor to last as long as possible. The car is mainly used as a daily driver and for cruises, but I also would like to get into Sprints and other track racing, as well as the occasional trip to the drags. Please visit for a full history of the car with hundreds of photos of the build, videos of the car, plus feature car profiles, information about other cars that I have owned, coverage of crusies and much more!

Modification Listing

240K front struts, discs and twin-spot Sumitomo calipers, standard rear drums, 180b brake booster with 13/16" master cylinder from a 200b


180SX CA18DET 5 speed manual gearbox, heavy duty clutch, shortened and balanced tailshaft, standard R160 diff


Microtech LT8 (MT8 case but LT8 internals - it was one of the first ones built)

Engine Work:

Nissan CA18DET, 1.8L twin-cam, intercooled turbo 4-cylinder (from a 1992 Nissan 180SX), custom made oil catch can, N14 Nissan Pulsar radiator, cut down and with inlet/outlet pipes modified to suit

Exhaust System:

Subaru WRX/Liberty catalytic converter, 3 1/2" dump pipe off the turbo into a 2 1/2" exhaust and straight through muffler


recently re-sprayed in Arctic White 2-pack - exterior and engine bay, fully badged, engine bay detailing in 2-pack Kent Green, bonnet pins

Fuel System:

Standard Datsun fuel tank with standard feed into low pressure, high volume pre-pump, into 1.5L stainless steel surge tank into high pressure VL turbo EFI fuel pump to fuel rail. Return from fuel rail feeds back into surge tank with an overflow/breather back into the fuel tank. All flexible lines have been replaced with 3/8" high-pressure EFI fuel hose, and the standard tiny metal return line that runs under the car has been replaced with 3/8" bundy fuel line (metal) and is now used as the feed to the fuel rail, with the old feed line (5/16") taking on its new role as the return line.

Intake System:

T28 Turbo from an S14 200SX, front mounted Evo intercooler, mild steel 2 1/4" intercooler piping, GFB BOV


custom alloy gear knob, Mitubishi Starion front sports seats, boost gauge, new grey carpet & hoodliner, 1969 dash, aluminium plate under stereo for gauge mounting, alarm

Rolling Stock:

15x6" Globe Montego's (Sigma turbo wheels) with 195/50/15 Falken tyres (rear) and 195/50/15 Ventus K102 tyres (front)

Stereo System:

Sony X-Plod 50Wx4 CD player, shitty rear speakers


Fulcrum springs front , King springs and KYB rear shockies rear, 24mm heavy duty front swaybar.

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 209 wheel hp

Performance Comments:

Latest power figure is 209.1hp (approx 155kw) on the Dyno Dynamics Dyno at Cramer Dyno and Performance, Toowoomba at Power Tune 2002 on April 27th. Had previously recorded a 180hp (134kw) run on the same dyno with a T25 turbo and before the installation of the new fuel system. Yet to be run down the 1/4 mile, hoping for mid-low 13's.

Photo Album Members Gallery

Front drivers side

Side view

Front drivers guard and wheel

Front of the car

Engine bay showing catch can

Passenger side interior

Driving at night

Dynograph - 209.1 hp
Readers Comments
Posted by: mx68u on November 10, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

fantastic ride man, easily imho the best car thats been submitted to TotalRPM for a while, keep us posted on your progress and keep up the good work.. I've always liked the datto 1600, yours is a top notch example...

Posted by: missy17 on October 14, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Go the dattos!!!!! biggrin.gif Great choice of car smile.gif

Posted by: calaisturbo on May 20, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

man nice transformation biggrin.gif ,i have a feeling that it will run low 14's or high 13's, i no 'cas i'm getting a N13 pulsar with a ca 18 with a t28 and that runs 13.9 i no 'cas my bro owns it and he's test it.are u running a t25???
once a again nice car, i hope to c u round we can give them a run rolleyes.gif .calaisturbo cool.gif

Posted by: gombatron2000 on December 27, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

looks awsome bro good work

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