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Member: Droops67Impala
Vehicle: 1967 Chevrolet Impala 350ci ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 5th October, 2003
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Droops67Impala's Comments:

PLEASE DON'T VOTE! This car is nowhere near finished and I want everyone to reserve judgment until its done. I bought the '67 for $5000 back when I was in high school and it was my ever-faithful daily driver for a number of years. When I decided to move to Darwin I got myself the Camaro (Droopz90IROC) and retired the Impala in my parent's shed. A few years ago my father and i decided to begin a full restoration on it as I couldn't bring myself to sell it. Now this profile is just going to act as a 'work in progress' style report. As more recent pictures become available i'll post them up but for now they are all just old pics from when the car was my daily driver.

Modification Listing

Nothing too major, just rebuilding the 2 speed powerglide. Decided against swapping as the powerglide is the perfect cruising box.

Engine Work:

The Impala has been through a number of engines, but currently a 80/81 Corvette block resides in te engine bay. The motor is in good working order but is going to be pulled and cleaned up. It also needs to be painted to match the cars eventual theme. A few other minor mods include just "modernising" the car a little, like electric fuel pump and new ignition bits.

Exhaust System:

Custom made extractors that each go all the way to the back via 2 1/2 inch pipes either side. No cross-flow, no Y-pipe.... just an exhaust for each side of the motor. Very loud.


This is where my father gets all the credit. He has been great and done all the body work since I left. While sanding it back for it's re-spray he found a HEAP of rust that was caused be a bad 'bog job' in the past. He's managed to fix the whole car up and re-moulded panels to perfect shapes. The cars been de-badged and most of the crome primed and painted over. Only the font and rear bumpers and the grill are remaining chrome. The colour is a dark red with a metalic flake to be added. It will be sporting mural by completion as well... perhaps an impala on the hood?


The interior had, fortunatly, been totally re-done just beofre i got the car so its still in very good condition. I do want to replace the carpet tho and put in the aftermarket digital dash.

Rolling Stock:

Still not decided on Rims at this point. We managedto get a whole set of 17"s of a Merc that burnt out, so i guess we'll see how they look. The car is running 245s all round right now but i want the tough look so i hope the rear will soon be sporting 325-345s depending on te rims we choose.

Stereo System:

No stereo now. It had about $3000 worth of gear in it when i had it and was VERY loud! Unfortunatly I took it all out and put it in the Camaro when i got it, but it all got stolen :( I guess we'll put some decent ICE in it eventually but its not a priority now.


The car was lowered when I got it, but not low enough ;) The shocks are a little ordinary right now so they'll be getting swapped out for a set of Super-lows. Obviously long term id like to end up with bags or hydo's but for now i doubt it.

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 250 wheel hp

Performance Comments:

It's big, it's heavy and it's not built for speed. Sorry to disapoint.

Photo Album Members Gallery

Me (at 17) aand the '67

and again




Me driving back from Darwin at 2am with some of the guys..

Lowriding in a lowrider LOL!

Veeerrryyy roomy

yep.... we where very hung over LOL!

Night front

Side shot

In progress 1

In progress 2

In progress 3

Primed Hood

More progress pics

Dad's Ute :D
Readers Comments
Posted by: Guest_Guest_Litre8 on September 21, 2003

Mate, that is one b-i-g car. This would be just begging for a big block... :-)

Posted by: Droopz90IROC on September 21, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

QUOTE (Guest_Litre8 @ Sep 21 2003, 09:18 PM)
Mate, that is one b-i-g car. This would be just begging for a big block... :-)

Yeah... the 350 bearly fills the engine bay, but for what we're building, a 454 would be expensive and impractical.

Posted by: Guest_Guest_Litre8 on September 22, 2003

Yep, the initial expense is there but LPG conversion may help the practicality :-)

Posted by: Droopz90IROC on September 22, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Yeah... we looked at gas for a while but decided against it based on two points.

1. We had SO many problems with the LPG system on dads ute we tore it off.
2. Need the space in the trunk for MASSIVE I.C.E biggrin.gif

Posted by: Lowkee on September 29, 2003

*sniff* dooooode. Nostalgic. Some nice pics though. Baz laughed when I showed him the photo of him in there.

Posted by: junkie1234 on October 18, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

laugh.gif fuk its a shit car laugh.gif AND IM SERIOUS ARSEHOLE MOTHERFUKER biggrin.gif SO GET A LIFE KUNT dry.gif

Posted by: Droopz90IROC on October 18, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Thankyou for your constuctive comments, enlightened one.

Now based soley on you god-like insight I'm going to sell the Impala and forfit the years of work and effort we've put into it.


Posted by: TheG on November 5, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

I think it's a fantastic motor! It's got a bit of class about it... cool.gif

Posted by: Van454 on November 29, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

I've always had a thing for the old impalas, I just love the big cruzrs. It looks like it'll be one sweet ride when youre finished.

Posted by: RpM--- on December 12, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

nice...i love the impalas...64's especially but that one is sweet

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