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Profile Hits: 1484
Drivetrain Class: RWD
Engine Class: 8 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
Rating: average rating is 2.57 from 7 Votes  (2.57)
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Ranking: 217/356 217 / 356
Drivetrain Class HP
Ranking: 17/75 17 / 75
Drivetrain Class Qtr Mile
Ranking: 11/50 11 / 50
Engine Class HP
Ranking: 12/26 12 / 26
Engine Class Qtr Mile
Ranking: 8/19 8 / 19

General Information Car Directory
Member: Bird of Prey
Vehicle: 2000 Pontiac Firebird Formula ( More )
Location: USA
Last Updated: 31st August, 2003
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Bird of Prey's Comments:

2000 Firebird Forumula, 6-speed.

Modification Listing

Motive 4.10 differential gears.


PCM Mod: LS1 Edit. Torque Management, Rev Limiter, Advanced Timing, Advanced Timing on Low-Octane Table, EGR sensor eliminated, O2 Sensor eliminated, Smog pump eliminated.

Exhaust System:

3" Cutout and gutted cats.

Intake System:

SLP LS6 intake minus EGR Valve. Cold air intake with K&N.

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 322 wheel hp
Torque: 340 Nm
Quarter Mile: 12.83

Performance Comments:

12.83 @ 111 mph.

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The Bird of Prey
Readers Comments
Posted by: Droopz90IROC on January 15, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Nice to see another F-Body on the boards dude! And one with some mumbo as well.

Love the RA hood! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Van454 on November 29, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

What a beast! Love it, looks tough and can back it up...

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