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Drivetrain Class: RWD
Engine Class: 6 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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General Information Car Directory
Member: Genocide
Vehicle: 1986 Holden Commodore VL Executive ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 16th March, 2005
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Genocide's Comments:

Here is my beauty of a car, :D I got it 2 years ago , and it was stock as a rock! Saved up for a LOOONG time, and did all the major work listed only 3 months ago. Still planning on doing the interior, and transmission. Also looking to work the engine some more and do some bolt ons (turbo, etc)!

Modification Listing
Engine Work: $1000

Rebuilt Engine: Replaced Main Bearings (New) New Gaskets Reconditioned Radiator

Exhaust System: $700

Full 2 1/2 inch sports exhaust including Extractors

Exterior: $3500

Body Kit: - Group A Full Front Bar - Group A Bonnet Scoop - VK Calais Side Skirts - Group3 Rear Bar Extension - Modified VR Clubsport Rear Wing. Full Respray in 2Pak Metallic - Midnight Blue, including Engine Bay and Boot.

Head Work: $200

Re-Machined Head

Interior: $400

Full Black Widow Alarm System including Immoboliser, 4 Door Central Locking.

Stereo System: $400

Sony Xplode Deck with 6x9's for rears

Suspension: $900

New Kings Springs Super Low, rear and front New Monroe GT Gas Shocks, rear and front New Strut Bearing Plates (pair)

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Readers Comments
Posted by: Fake_xu1 on November 3, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Sweet ride! thumbup.gif Don't normally like 'newer' body kits on old commys, but the wing gives a good effect!... any update on mods.... keep up the good work! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Genocide on November 3, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

hey thanks dude, when i was looking for wings i found this custom one, thought it suited so i got it! biggrin.gif
also i am doing my manual conversion real soon, also putting in a LSD + disc brakes
i have also removed the taillights and centre garnish, and put on calais ones, so it looks really nice now, also got 1 of the rear mufflers removed and a tip put on
and retrimming interior + new carpet soon

goin along nicely


Posted by: vl berlina on December 24, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Awsome vl. I got extremely similar looking car, right down to the vs holden badge on the front. Pics of my car are on page 5 of members cars, similar colour, yours is midnight blue, and mine is evening blue. Mine isn't quite up to urs standard yet, but it's on its way. Also, I've heard alot about the sideskirts, heaps say vk calais, people who made em say vh ss. dunno.

Posted by: Guest_*jess*21 on February 3, 2004

SWEET RIDE!!!!!!! cool.gif
i wanna car just like urs but me cant find one. ermm.gif

Posted by: miniguy on March 21, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

wink.gif nice ride , like the wheels and the colour

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