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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 6 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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General Information Car Directory
Member: RainerZ
Vehicle: 1989 Holden Commodore VN S pack ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 12th October, 2004
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RainerZ's Comments:

Car is all stock. Has got a GROUP A Body kit.Wood Grain Steering wheel. Automatic :(, In process of doing up. Suggestions??

Modification Listing

Group A SS Body Kit


Woodgrain steering wheel

Stereo System:

2 Cadence 10" Subs in the back, Cadence 6.9" , sony explode XS-GF1631X 6.5" speakrs in front doors, Cadence Z4000 Amp, Pioneer DEH-P5650MP Head unit

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The Front





Cadence Z4000 amp

Interior for now

Side shot

Cadence 10" subs
Readers Comments
Posted by: hotsv1 on October 15, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

hi, i am looking at ur pictures, i think it is a nice car. there is something u could look at modifying.

change steering wheel to those momo types(more sporty). wooden steering just dont match with inside. (or else u will need wood trim to match steering wheel smile.gif.

there is need to tidy up the inside too:) i know that stupid cover under steering is an ass to deal with, always come off, and the pin breaks off after while. all u need is get a new one it will fit good as new again smile.gif

and at future u can look at maybe alter the color to make it even more meaner smile.gif.
i think the gpa kit is the best kit for VN commodore. those VR or VS kit just dont look right, too round. smile.gif ur look department basically all done, so , yeah, interior done up then u only have engine to do smile.gif good luck bro.

p.s. u could look at what i do, having the cold air coming in from the front bumper. the left intake hole is good place to fit a k&N POD filter, it look good outside and actuallly performs. need custom tubing to the throttle though:P

i have placed my trans cooler and oil cooler at middle and right intake hole, so u could do the same:). or else it can converted into brake cooling duct as well (that was the original intention of the bumper design).

hehe, just some idea popping out that i can share with u:)


Posted by: [TOPGEAR] on December 1, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

hey man sweet car, i got a 91 berlina but it looks exact same as yours. same colour, same rims. if you wanna check it out its at

do you live in victoria ?

Posted by: RainerZ on January 6, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Sorry for not replying sooner TOPGEAR,
Yeh i live in Victoria around melbourne, im actually in the prosess of getting rid of my car, decided with the rules comming in that doing up the car would b pointless!!! So instead im just going to get myself a Supra SZ, and then when im off my P's drop the Twin Turbo engine....But one day i want to get myself a Mint VN SS cos i love them..... and hopfully mayb a dodge viper, mustang gt500 or mach 1 one day cool.gif , so ill probably b stuck with the vn for another 2 months!!!

Where abouts in VIC do u live??

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