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Drivetrain Class: RWD
Engine Class: 8 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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Member: Fake_HDT
Vehicle: 1986 Holden Commodore VL SL ( More )
Location: Oz
Last Updated: 10th December, 2003
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Fake_HDT's Comments:

So this is my old car, which i recently sold to fund my new project (Fake_xu1). Thought even though its no longer here i'd keep it up for yous to look at! I spent a lot of hard earned cash doin her up during my school days and on a KFC wage it was hard pushed at times! Especially at the rate it ate fuel! Think it was better fed than me! lol but it was all well worth it!! The VL is a genuine BT1 ex-cop chaser and has all the performance upgrades from LSD Diff to FE2 suspension... so have a look!

Modification Listing

Four wheel discs.


Strengthened T350 trimatic.

Engine Work:

Engine is a BT1 308. Now sporting Edelbrock performer dual plain manifold and fresh 600cfm Holley... New 14" K&N filter and chrome rocker covers.


Full VL HDT-Group A engraved bodykit... sweet.


Nice fresh Twister headers... Straight through 2 1/2 inch extractor, with no cats and high-flow muffler exiting through a nice shiney Lukey Tip.


Standard.. except for the little wooden steering wheel i added!!!... looks nice though its all in very nice nik!!! for a 16 year old car!

Rolling Stock:

VR clubsport Rims sporting 225 Bathurst tyres all round.

Stereo System:

Crappy CD player and 6*9s in the back, Rather listen to the engine roooaaar!!! lol



Photo Album Members Gallery

Nice photo of the BEAST

Another Shot

The only pic i have of my engine

hmmmmm yellow
Readers Comments
Posted by: NATX5 on June 23, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Dude nice car!! Are you still selling it, cause i am fully interested!! Could you get back to me with more detalis.

Posted by: Fake_xu1 on June 23, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Hey there dude! yeah sorry mate have sold it already, just about a month ago! i'm in Darwin anyway so it might of been a prob in gettin it to u anyway! i sold it for $7300! if thats of interest! regret it now it was a tops car, and my torry is givin me the shits... don't think i'll ever get the bloody thing runnin! lol

Posted by: mx68u on June 25, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

lol hang in there Fake, that torrie looks awesome, id take it over the commo hands down biggrin.gif

Posted by: Fake_xu1 on June 30, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Yeah i'm hangin in! But seriously it shits me when i have to catch the bus knowin i have such a sweet ride in the driveway :-( But think i have bought everything now... just waitin for the timing cover and the manifold to arrive! then its all go!

Posted by: Fake_xu1 on December 10, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

biggrin.gif lol just found a photo from the day i got this car (hmmmmm yellow) thought i would share it with you! cool.gif

Posted by: wishihadaVL on November 9, 2005

its nice to see someone that reckons vls are worth giving a v8
have you done as much to yer torry yet?

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