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Engine Class: 8 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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Member: argonaut
Vehicle: 1977 Holden Torana SL ( More )
Location: Australia, Banjup
Cash Spent: AU $29380
Last Updated: 18th September, 2005

argonaut's Comments:

LX SL V8, Performer Manifold (Port Matched), Genie Headers, Holley 3310 Series Vac Sec 750,Fairly Large Crank , Short'ish rods and pistons to suit. COME Racing Cam, Standard'ish Valve train. Turbo Supra 5 Speed...., Grey custom interior, Console etc, stereo is a bit overkill and getting bigger as the money comes in. Massive radiator, Twin 12 inch Davis Craig Thermo fans (Aftermarket DSL12's) Boxed rear lowers, adjustable multipoint rear uppers, Koni adjustable front and rear,24mm front, 22mm rear. King Springs (Heavy duty off 'H' series Holden) Lowered front and rear. 130ish litre drop tank (And I've found some room to make it even Bigger!!) Big Hotwire Mags. (Probably not legal, like I care) Looking for Bigger ones! UC Series 2 RTS Front Subframe, and K-Mac adjustable Sway bars front and rear. T.S.S. Camber extenders as the budget allows. The VT Brakes are as close as a set of 15 inch hotwires for the Front to allow for clearance. Currently I am planning to travel accross to Western Australia towing my caravan. My driving philosophy...Go Hard or Go Home!

Modification Listing
Drivetrain: $5500

Turbo Supra 5 Speed Ford 9 inch, 2.75:1 LSD Billet Axels, 31 spline VS Rear Discs and Calipers DBA Gold Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors

Engine Swap: $14500

386 Stroked Block

Engine Work: $1700

Edelbrock Performer Manifold (Port Matched)/3310 Series 750 Holley Carburettor / C.O.M.E. Camshaft / Bosch Hall Effect Ignition / VT Harmonic Balancer

Intake/Exhaust: $2000

Genie Headers, Twin 2 1/4 inch Stainless System

Rolling Stock: $1200

Cheviot Hotwires, 15*10,295:50:15 14*8,215:65:14

Stereo System: $3500

JVC Head unit and 12 Disc Changer, 10 inch Sub, 2*100 Watt RMS Amp, Kicker 6*9\'s

Suspension: $2500

Koni Adjustable Dampers / King Springs / K-Mac adjustable Front and rear Sway bars. Edelbrock Adjustable Rear upper control arms

Performance Stats Top Rankings
Power Output: 421 wheel hp

Performance Comments:

Hasn't been Dynoed for a while. Just Destroyed another Gearbox!!! Time for a really big rebuild. Just busted it up big time. Whole front end! It will take a lot time to fix this one!

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Posted by: toranaboy on May 24, 2006

did you buy the car like this

Posted by: lx 527 on February 5, 2006

wish mine was that good

Posted by: Van454 on November 29, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

Hell yeah, need more V8s, but I guess a lot of us V8 guys aren't spending as much time on the net as the 4cyl boys are.

Posted by: bazz on December 6, 2003

nice car man... get rid of the 4's couple of twin turbo 6's go alright wack in some more big hot v8 power....

Posted by: argonaut on June 29, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

cool.gif There is some really nice 4's on here which gets 5's off me!! It's nice to be keeping up with such good cars! cool.gif

Posted by: Droopz90IROC on June 15, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

LOL!! Thats coz this site was built and is run by the Mx6 boyz. Mebership has been a little slow spreading to the other cars but its happening....

Posted by: Guest_Guest_litre8 on June 15, 2003

Yes, but growing at a slow rate. This place is more like www.totalsushi.com, its like every mx6 in the world has gravitated here....

Posted by: Droopz90IROC on June 15, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Yeah, good to see the V8 count increasing here....

Posted by: Litre8 on June 13, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Nice Torana!! Good to see a real car in this sea of rice.....

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