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Profile Hits: 6592
Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 6 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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Member: Caleb-TXFIVE
Vehicle: 1992 Ford Telstar TX5 V6 ( More )
Location: Australia
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Caleb-TXFIVE's Comments:

Next are som Phenolic spacers, Japanese-Spec intake manifold and a bored throttle body. Probably chuck it on the dyno when that happens.

Modification Listing
Exterior: $600

35% Formula 1 Tint,Color Coded Bumpers, badges removed, Custom grill, clear indicators.

Intake/Exhaust: $1040

2.5" Mandrel bent with high-flow muffler, Simota CAI with Custom Intake elbow

Interior: $140

Indiglo Guages

Rolling Stock: $2100

17" AMG Matrix w/ 215/40 rubber

Stereo System: $2000

JVC SH-99 MP3 Player, Rockford Fosgate Amps, 2 Rockford Fosgate 12" Subs, 2 pairs Clarion 5x7 Splits

Suspension: $1300

King Springs & Koni Adjustables

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 162 wheel hp
Torque: 213 Nm
0 - 100km/hr: 8.9

Performance Comments:

These are stock figures, car has not been dyno'd with mods.

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Side Shot

Front shot

Rear Side shot

Rear shot

One more...

JVC head unit

When i got it
Readers Comments
Posted by: Guest_saunders on October 22, 2003

Sweet ride

I too have a tx5 that I want to trick out. Couple of questions.

The 17s, had any trouble with rubbing etc? Or did they pretty much bolt on? Is your car 4 wheel steer?

Any dramas fitting the exhaust?

Also, do you plan on whacking her on the dyno? If so, could you let us know the power in kw's.

And have you seen any sweet body kits around that would suit the car??? Having 0 luck there...


Posted by: Caleb-TXFIVE on October 22, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

Hey dude, thanks for the compliments.

The 17's dont rub, i have 215/40/R17 tyres, apparently it would rub if i had 205/45/R17 tyres. It's not 4WS, but you can have your guards lipped if it does rub.

The exhaust went ok, except that i made the mistake of replacing the entire unit instead of from the catalytic converter back. i actually returned the front section (engine pipe) to stock a few months back and picked up some more power.

Still hasn't been on the Dyno, i've got the KLZE (jap spec v6) Intake manifold sitting in my shed, half polished biggrin.gif It should be good for another 10hp or so.

And no i have never come across any body kits. I did enquire at a wwreckers once and he wanted $400 for a 4WS bodykit (basically side skirts only) from a car that had been t-boned. He said the drivers side would need to be re-fabricated.

Send me an email @ caleb @ datafast . net . au (without the spaces) and i'll fill you in with some more details.



Posted by: Guest_Guerilla on November 30, 2003

Hello my name is VJ and i am from adelaide. i also a recent owner of TX5 Ghia V6 and i am very happy with my car. it is suprising how fast they go.
your car looks sick. i have seen a TX5 with a front spoiler and it looked sick. i asked they guy where he got it and he said that it is a custom job and he paid 1500 just for front spoiler. also why dont you pain the interior of the car.

you can write to me my mail is wink.gif

Posted by: on January 19, 2004

I would just like to say that is a very nicr car.i also have a telstar its just a gl series but its got a front mount on it and i want to get the rest of the body kit on it so if any one knows so sights for me can you please e mail me at thanks mates

Posted by: Guest_Boxie on February 4, 2004

hrm, nice - i have been looking at getting my car (94 tx5 ghia) up to scratch... it *needs* a body kit, no 2 ways about it, those are some pretty slick rims you have there, suits it nicely smile.gif

my plans are to get the stereo in it - it is such a quiet car, which makes it great for car audio!

then the body kit - then the performance stuff (once the power it has seems standard again smile.gif

i might drop you an email and see what else you have done with it since you posted this smile.gif

- Boxie

Posted by: Blakj on May 18, 2004

Hi Caleb,

I found it interesting to read up on your Telstar. I have a 1994 TX5 4WS model V6 and have been doing a few things to it. have you lowered your car or is it standard height. I have actually lowered my 2" Rear and 2.25" Front. I have used whiteline springs and torsion bar. the car handles a lot better now except for the humps which I have to avoid. thankfully I don't have many where I live. some other things I have done is completely taken it back to metal and resprayed it Black Panther Mica and black tint.

the question I wanted to ask you was about the exhaust. did you use extractors or standard manifolds? what about power? what works? have you had any problems with the tappets sticking?

Posted by: 626mazda on June 2, 2004

hei man, nice a 96 v6 new zealand spec 626 myself. same colour as yours.came with factory front,rear and side skirts. All NZ V6 626's/TX5's come with skirts.There are some aftermarket kits available here for reasonable prices.

Check out the telstar on this site.

Have fun.

Posted by: xie67 on December 4, 2004

blink.gif Hey dude,

Nice ride love the paint work makes me own seem somewhat shabby.
Just a question on your rims and tyres.

I currently have original 15 x 6 alloys on ( '92 TX 5 2.5l 2WS ) with 205/55 R15 bridgestone potenza GIII .
Have been looking at 16 and 17 rims, want to go to 215 width but still mantain near original rolling diameter ( speedo gearing etc....).
What problems have you encounted with the 17s on ?? i assume they are 7 wide.
How much have you dropped your ride hieght ??
I am bloody low the above rims and tyres already dissappear into the wells...

Many thanx xie67

Posted by: Samat on December 8, 2004

Man that car is looking fantastic...I just recently bought the TX5 2.5/v6/1995 ... and being a BMW fanatic I must say I'ts a fantastic car .... I still have to do some work on it though, to get the paint to look something like yours would be my first step.
Anyway great Site especially because we don't have much TX5's in South Africa.

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