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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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Member: boyracer_badboy167
Vehicle: 1987 Honda Prelude 2.0XX ( More )
Location: New Zealand
Last Updated: 2nd August, 2006
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boyracer_badboy167's Comments:

Hey Everyone. Im 16 and this is my beast. Its only done 174,000kms and in excellent condition, how I got it is a really funny story. I bought a 88 ford telstar, carb, 2.0L 5Spd, auto choke had gone, no power steering and radiator leaked for $250 NZ, it was a hunk of shit and had done over 300,000kms. I went on trademe, found the honda prelude for $800 and asked if they wanted to trade. They said yes. I met up with them the next day and they changed the ownership over without even checking the car out. I left a very happy man. I recieved an email a couple of days later saying that the ford had overheated, LMAO!

Modification Listing
Exhaust System: $230

Exhaust replaced with performance sports exchaust.

Exterior: $580

15" Alloy Wheels & Red Undercar Neons

Intake System: $55

Pod Filter

Interior: $1440

MOMO Steering Wheel, Laser Scrambler, Gearknob, Racing Pedals & Indicator Dash Lights changed from green to red :)

Stereo System: $300

Panasonic CD Player, 6.5" Speakers

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Car before I bought it!

Readers Comments
Posted by: Damo.Telstar on July 28, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

cool car dude

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