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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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General Information Car Directory
Member: Damo.Telstar
Vehicle: 1994 Ford Telstar Orian ( More )
Location: New Zealand
Last Updated: 15th November, 2005
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Damo.Telstar's Comments:

Little Random Project Its A Straight Up 4 Door Family Car, with a very few modifications but more to come The Value Was Boosted By 2 Grand With The Sounds... Unfortunatly Thows Sounds Only Lasted 3 Weeks, The They Got Stolen...

Modification Listing
Exhaust System:

Big Bore Muffler, Just The Muffler And Tip Was Done, 6inch tip $230 fitted, has a nice deep noise to it


Blue Neon Under Glow, $200 (2x48 2x36) (3 Broken) Green Neon Under Glow, $150 (2x48 2x36)(removed) Red Neon Under Glow, $100 (2x48 2x36) Crome Blue L.E.D Window Washers $25 Blue 8inch Neon In Grill Water Proofed, $25 Crome Skull Licance Plate Bolts, $25 Gloss Black Licence Plate Surroundings, $12 Gloss Black Mudflaps, $25 Gloss Black Window Wipers, $16 Gloss Black Front Spoiler/Bodykit Bumper "New", $90 Black Drag/Sports Spoiler, $190 Stock Allow Rims. have got a bonnet scoop to go on yet Decided Not To Put On


Big White Strobe Light, (Party Styles) 4x Blue Neons Under Front Dash And Under Seats. 2x Black Lights On Roof Of Car. Black And Red Dragon Covers Front Seats, Rear Seat, Steering Wheel, And Seat Belt Pads Front And Back. Fake Allow Matts, (makes The Blue Neon Glow Up On The) Allow Plating In The Back Parsel Tray. Interer Trims Painted Red (Door Panels and all trims) Air Vents Have Red LEDs In Them

Stereo System:

Note.. This Is What It Had 3 Months Ago, Before It Got Its Windows Smashed And Broken Into, - Sony Headunit 50Wat x4 chanel, - Fusion Powerplant Amplifire, Mosfit 4 chanel, 2 ohm stable, brigibale amplifire, - Alpine 2x 6x9's (Runing Of Headunit) - 2x Panosonic 12inch Sub's Custom Box'd Bolted/ And Braketed to the base of the boot, Current Sounds: Pioneer Mosfit 50watt x4 Channel Cd Head Unit Sony Xplod 6x9 350watt x2 4 inch wafdale 60watts Custom 300watt Tweeters Philips 2 Way Cross Over Unit (lightning audio 250watt amplifire) (Sony Xplod 12 Inch XL-L1220R) (Crappy But Makes A Noise) Mongoos 5 Star Alarm System With Extra Fetures Added, Ive Got A Remote To Open My Boot, And Turn The Car On The Acc Switch

Photo Album Members Gallery

back shot

My Car 11 Sep 2005

The Boot of the car, the morning my sounds got stolen

1st November Got Impounded For Doing A 5 Minute Stand Still...

My Spoiler Thingy :)

A Very Poor Shot Of The Interer

The Car Club I Am In
Readers Comments
Posted by: MerlinTX5 on October 9, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Too bad bout your gear! You must've advertised somewhere. What else you thinking of modifying? Tip: Sounds don't add value to the car bro. rolleyes.gif

Posted by: gombatron2000 on October 10, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

dam man. that will teach you to get a security system next time. i learned the hard way too. but i only had 4ch (dont know how many watts) Avalanch amp stolen tho

Posted by: boyracer_badboy167 on August 1, 2006 [ Car Profile ]

that's a pretty sweet ride bro

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