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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
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General Information Car Directory
Member: dub
Vehicle: 1990 Mazda MX-6 turbo 4ws ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 28th July, 2003
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dub's Comments:

This is my 6. Bought to be my daily driver whilst building my other project (Aspire n/a B6 conversion now put on hold), it still is my daily driver, but the speed bug has bitten hard with this thing.

Modification Listing
Brakes: $250

they good once warm, don't know what brand!!! But performance pads f & r is all at moment.


Clutch has somehow coped the last 3mths, the box might blow first.


The turbo/engine builder removed my "aussie made/remane nameless" chip. It is now std. Will be stand alone within a month.

Engine Work: $8000

Like the head & turbo, I am unsure of exactly what the engine builder did. It is pushing good hp for it's set up so whatever he did exactly, he did well.

Exhaust System: $2300

Nearly $4g has gone into different system designs so far. The current (working well) set-up consists of custom headers, 3" from turbo cat, 2.5" from cat through HKS muffler to 3" tip all mandrel bent.


No rear wing & ummmm undercoat on bonnet & ???

Fuel System:

It has been played with by my tuner.

Head Work: $3000

It took a while, also the current uknown spec cam is be changed for another of the current tuners spec.

Intake System: $200

Apart from a K & N panel filter, the airbox has been opened up and new custom 2.5" pipe feeds some air from inside of guard.

Interior: $220

Autometer boost gauge, AXS seat cover for driver (doesn't red make the car faster)?. Special bin gearnob.

Rolling Stock: $800

Wheels are 2nd gen MX-6,Helps with the sleeper image though. Tyres were kept to 185/50/15 for $$$ sake, $200 a piece is still a wallop though

Stereo System: $5000

Clarion deck, Infinity 6006ra amp, Alpine MRD-M500 amp, Alpine type-R splits front & 6x9 rears, 2 x type S 12" subs.

Suspension: $3500

Koni yellow sport adjustables Kings spring's front, custom rear(soon to be changed) Whiteline swaybars f & r Whiteline strut brace front, custom rear New bushes

Turbo/Intercooler: $1800

He was a difficult b*****d, but he hi-flowed & done some sort of "mod" to it. IT WORKS WELL.

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 202 wheel hp
Torque: 340 Nm

Performance Comments:

Stage 1 in development has netted some good results, it's also pushed it too it's current limits. The next stage of development should be fun!!!

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It's not a looker at the moment.

Readers Comments
Posted by: Guest_Guest on February 11, 2004

huh.gif Talk is cheap, show us the pics! Give it a good cleaning first.

Posted by: LOW_TX5 on April 16, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Mate for that price you have spent on it i could build eight 350 CHEVS with 350 - 450 horsepower, i reckon you getting ripped or you telling porkeis not enough horses being produced.

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