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Profile Hits: 11324
Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
Rating: average rating is 2.9 from 67 Votes  (2.9)
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General Information Car Directory
Member: MX6T2NV
Vehicle: 1990 Mazda MX-6 Turbo ( More )
Location: Perth
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Modification Listing

Fueltronics FCD

Engine Work:

Rebuilt 7,000kms ago.


3" Dump > 3" Flex > 3" High Flow Cat > 3" Straight Through Exhaust > 3.33" Tip All Mandrel bent

Rolling Stock:

16in speedy futura rims and 16in tyres

Stereo System:

/////ALPINE stereo


Custom FMIC 590mm x 200mm x 75mm and 2.5in piping

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 170 wheel hp
Torque: 331 Nm
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Picture of MX6T2NV's car

Front Bumper/Reinforcing bar Removed

Resonator Box Attached

Resonator Box Removed

Front Left 1/4 Panel

Battery, AFM removed

Cold Air Tubing

Front View of Tubing

Tubing Under Front 1/4 Panel Guard

Battery and AFM replaced, Engine is now Stock :)

4inch-to-3inch PVC Taper to feed air into Tubing


Under the Tree 01

Under the Tree 02

Readers Comments
Posted by: Guest_BiGBoY on July 7, 2003

Man, that's awesome, I too have a 1st Gen Mx6. I just have to know where you got the kit, and how much installed??????

Posted by: MX6T2NV on July 7, 2003 [ Car Profile ]


Kit was purchased and created by Bruce(Fibrevision) in Perth. The kit was roughly... just over $5k in total, and every part of it was modified to fit. The kit was custom made, and is a 'one-off', that's probably why its so expensive, lol.

It took around 2 years(between me saving up and paying each piece(Front bar/Side Skirts/Rear Apron) separately as spending $5k in one hit would be a total shock icon4.gif.

Here's the lowdown:

Frontbar: Moulded from a R33 "TRUST" copy front bar, then cut down, spliced and fitted to the existing MX-6 top(mould), re-inforcing bar on the MX-6 was chopped horizontally in the middle to allow for the wide opening of the mouth(top lip), otherwise there would have been an ugly 1"-1.5" 'lip' above the mouth, not what i wanted.
Cost: ~$1800

Side Skirts: Moulded from R33 Nismo "400R" copies, skirt had to be shortened about 20-30cm's and the top part of the skirt(ledge or whatever u wanna call it) was widened about 10cm's. MX-6 doors curl 'in' more than the R33 Skyline doors.
Cost: ~$1200

Rear Apron: 100% custom, the only part that was 'moulded' and then fibreglassed onto the rear apron were the vents near the exhaust. Those vents come from a Honda Mugen Accord(mid 90's model). The side vents were Bruce's( idea, and it really suits the lines of the car well, from where the 'vents' in the Nismo 400R skirts flow to the rear of the 'vents' on the rear apron.
Cost: ~$1600

Bootlid: I wanted a nice 'clean' look, and wanted people to second guess the car, and maybe go, "WTF is that??", so I removed the badges, the TURBO sticker, removed the centre bootlid keylock and removed the spoiler. This kinda gives the car a very smooth sleek look.
Cost: ~$500

Links to more pictures(v. large images)

Posted by: Guest_Eyob desta on August 9, 2003

[FONT=Courier] when i saw the mx-6 i thought it was a skyline or a silvia damm
how mutch did it cost total? that one of a hell idea i wana kinow if you r ever going to sale the mx-6 if you r call me on [0421228620] biggrin.gif thanks

Posted by: RoTaCaRbOy on February 19, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

hey dude sweet ride, looks real nice. ive just purchased a s4 rx7 its real nice just wondering what ur car does ova the quarter, this might be a stupid question but do u go to the jap spec cruses, im also from perth, hopfully ill be able to give u a good run huh.gif

Posted by: tx_magic on August 26, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

hey mate i seen your ride in langford i think thats where u live( i use to live in langford) anyways my mate is in love with ur car , he always see's it next to his mums house just up the road from your house he owns a dark blue mx6 turbo smile.gif

Posted by: RpM--- on February 20, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

dayum i saw pic in thumbnail view from members car page n it looked like a sylvia or like ur work dun on this baby....nicely dun...i have a thing for mx6'es and this one has to be one of my favourites! keep it up

Posted by: mxangel on December 17, 2005

hey man, nice mx! not too many people around who put kits on them...white is a bit boring however still a head turner!

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