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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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General Information Car Directory
Member: Loveit
Vehicle: 92 Ford Telstar TX5 Ghia ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 19th March, 2005
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Loveit's Comments:

R.I.P. My Ford Telstar TX5 Ghia is no more as you can see from the pics. It was a write off and the I ended selling the wreck for $300.

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Standard Automatic

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Aww, my baby!!!

My car got into a fight with a ditch... The ditch won
Readers Comments
Posted by: yzovelle on March 7, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Pretty good for a first car Ed thumbup.gif

Posted by: QIK-TX5 on March 8, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

looks nice and clean from what i can see (which isnt much cos i think someone needs some lessons in taking photo's icon4.gif)

Posted by: QIK-TX5 on March 15, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

i'll change my previous statement... it DID look nice until you killed it....What HAPPENED???

Posted by: zorb_rules on March 15, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Wtf..??..??? Did you roll it or what?? how fast where ya going thats one nasty accident....

Posted by: Loveit on March 15, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Luckily I didn't roll it but it was close to it though. Let's just say that my dumb-ass sister decided to pull the hand brake up while i was doin 60km/h on a half dirt road! blush.gif

Posted by: zorb_rules on March 15, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

smile.gif sure she did *lol* sure ya werent trying to hand brakies smile.gif naa I believe ya...thats a pretty decent write off though..were u insured??

Posted by: yzovelle on March 16, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

mad.gif U should do a write off on Eunice! I can't believe you're letting her get away with that so easily...

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