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Profile Hits: 1587
Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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Drivetrain Class HP
Ranking: 70/79 70 / 79
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General Information Car Directory
Member: 1XL 2NV
Vehicle: 1998 Hyundai Excel twin cam X3 ( More )
Location: Victoria
Last Updated: 20th November, 2004
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1XL 2NV's Comments:

This is my sweet Excel, not much engine work but i have worked on the outside apperance with a nice evo bodykit and some wheels. I picked it up about 9 months ago stock as a rock and just worked on it till now, and yes it is electric purple! 5 speed manual. I just got my licence and it is a sik little beast to cruz around in! Gets a few eyes turning as well! Feel free to have your say about my little toy!

Modification Listing

New brake pads

Engine Work:

NGK sports comp spark plugs and leads. Upgraded idler pully, belt and bearings.

Exhaust System:

Stainless steel exhaust tip.


Type SR Evolution bodykit, including WRX style bonnet scoop, front extentions with matching silver inserts, side skirts, and a huge spoiler hanging off da back, detailed in silver, with matching mesh in the front grill (with neon mounted above), blue washer lights, and a few crazy stickers and decals! New winderscreen, and matching silver style wipers (front and rear). All badges and logos removed.

Intake System:

Cold air induction system with a pod filter running straight from the bonnet scoop. Works great, also sounds the part as well


Specometer 3,3/4 black tacho with manual shift light and separate needle, mounted down on the centre console just to be different! Autotechnica sports/carbon fibre shift knob, and new black leather boot, matching Dragon style seat covers and floor mats,MOMO hand brake cover, stylish seatbelt covers, neons and LED's throughout (footwells, dash, behind sun visers, in the boot, Led's on the rear shelf, two much to mention, all switched).

Rolling Stock:

CSA 5 spoke wheels with Hyundai logo'd valve caps, wrapped in Hancook tyers.

Stereo System:

JVC KD-S595 head unit, 50watters in the front, and some cranking Pioneer 240watt 6x6's mounted in the rear.


FRONT-Independent, MacPherson strut with offset col springs, lower L-arm and rubber mounted anti-roll bar. REAR-Independent, lower twin transverse links, trailing arms, strut type coil spring/gas damper units and rubber mounted anti-roll bar.

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 107 wheel hp
0 - 100km/hr: 12
Quarter Mile: 15

Performance Comments:

I have not done much performance mods but i do plan to in the future, next i have in mind the exhaust system. As now i have a new set of NGK sports comp spark plugs and a cold air induction system with a pod filter straight from the bonnet scoop.

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Angled front


Engine Bay


Front at Night

Front angle

Interior at Night

Left Back Angle

Pioneer 6x9's

Rear tyre

Right back angle


Front wheel

Right Side


Readers Comments
Posted by: zorb_rules on November 20, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

*lol* umm for alck of a beter word interessting...looks like youve spent quite a bit of money on a rather cheap lil car smile.gif well at least thats one way to do youve started on it now so for the rest its got big or go home....

Posted by: mx68u on November 20, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

nice ride, all you need are some 16/17's and some king springs... if your into performance then a full exhaust system, advanced timing and high octane fuel wouldnt do any harm wink.gif

Posted by: MADMAX on February 19, 2005

very nice. i'm getting an excel and find it so hard to get info about them on the internet. could you tell me the details of the bonnet scoop like how you did it and the removing of the factory airbox?

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