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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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Member: jwp84
Vehicle: 2001 Opel Corsa XC ( More )
Location: Australia
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jwp84's Comments:

I purchased the car in early 2001, with no modifications, just the standard car. I had no ideas for doing it up but after i seen the amount of skylines etc kicking around i thought i would add a car that looks differn't to most of the others.

Modification Listing

Astra SRI front disks.

ECU/Chip: $800

A Powerchip was purchased for the car and looks to be showing results.

Engine Work:

Larger Radiator, Increased Induction Manifold, Superchip Air Fuel mix ecu upgrade.


K&N pod with Cold Air Box and Aloy Pipe. 2inch Exshust.

Stereo System:

Pioneer Splits in the front (BL) and 2 Vnet Subs with Vnet 300rms 2channel amp in Custom Box.

Suspension: $450

Kings Springs, 30mil Sports

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Readers Comments
Posted by: Guest_Timmy on August 11, 2003

Rocken.... huh.gif sweet little car dude biggrin.gif

Posted by: mx68u on August 13, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

any updates on this mini beast? would mind some better quality pics, its a great looking car smile.gif

Posted by: Guest_Billy Mercon on August 26, 2003

I assume this was that little stereo car that was at the Ingham car show this year? I have not seen another little car like it around? crying.gif Its ashame we don't have more of those kind of cars up here this little thing rocks! cool.gif

Posted by: Guest_barinasri on October 29, 2003

Hey i have a 2002 Sri only mods catback 2 1/4 zhaust and traction control is turned off.great handling car but needs abit more power just wondering did the chip help in anyway? how expenise?

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