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Member: justins
Vehicle: 1967 Mercury Comet 202 ( More )
Location: USA
Last Updated: 14th February, 2004
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justins's Comments:

My driver is a 1967 Comet 202 with a worked over 302. Block/crank, rods out of a '77 Ford Granada, and the heads are off a 4V 351W jerked from a 1968 Ford Fairlane, the rest is aftermarket. The transmission is now a 4 speed toploader, in the pics it had a C-4 (third one I broke) so I went toploader.

Modification Listing

All manual drum brakes, front drums pulled from a big block 1968 Fairlane.

Engine Work: $1500

Keith Black pistons (0.030 over), polished and knife edged crank, Summmitracing cam, windage tray, and all painted stock Ford blue on the outside.

Exhaust System: $215

Flowmaster 40 Series Duals with Equiliser pipe.


Looking for extencive body work, and Polar white paint job (Stock looking as I can get it).

Head Work: $500

1968 351W heads, with Crane rockers, springs, and a little port work by me.

Intake System: $137

Edylbrock Performer RPM

Interior: $250

All interior pulled from a '66 Cyclone, the dash from a swap meet traided for some misc car parts. 5-1/2" Autometer Monster tach with shift light tucked under dash so no one sees it, Summitracing oil and vacuume guages tucked under dash by the dirvers door. Stealth is key to sleeping.

Rolling Stock:

205/50 14's on Chrystler reversed chrome rims, 235/75 15's on chrome steel rims out back. (Looking for affordable 15x7-1/2 stock looking steel wheels).

Stereo System: $150

Clarion CD/tuner head unit. Wired to the stock speaker in the dash, and yes it sounds like CA-RAP!

Suspension: $80

1-1/4" Sway bar, extra leaf out back dearched to stock height.

Photo Album Members Gallery

Black & White From the side.

Black & White from the front.

Little Peek inside.

Comet & 2000 F-150


My dad's '35 Ford Truck.
Readers Comments
Posted by: RpM--- on December 12, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

very nice...i dont know much about comets but it looks sweet and so does ur old mans F150 and 35' ford

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