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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
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Member: 93camrylunatic
Vehicle: 1993 Toyota Camry Custom ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 20th July, 2006
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93camrylunatic's Comments:

93 Turbo camry, bodykit, custom paint, 3sgte 2L turbo motor tuned for over 300Hp and 400ftlb. Ive built this car over the last 3 years, made every decision myself and built exactly what i wanted for an everyday performance car.

Modification Listing

Camry 4 cylinder 5 speed gearbox, High performance clutch, lightened and balanced flywheel.


Stinger 4 channel aftermarket ECU for fuel, ignition, rpm limiter, and removes top speed limiter.

Engine Work:

Engine swap to a 96 3SGTE motor from japan that was in a SW20 MR2 turbo, makes 241Hp standard (180Kw), not sold in many countries, features the smaller twin entry CT20B turbo giving a 20hp increase over the older CT26 turbo motor, runs 7-8 psi standard, ran 9 after mods, and 13 after getting a manual boost contoller.

Exhaust System:

3 inch dump pipe 3 inch hi flow cat 3 inch exhaust split to 2 2.5 inch exhausts 2 Cannon mufflers


Full Imported Bodykit, rear wing, clear turn signals front and sides, shaved antenna, shaved badges, custom grill, dual exhausts, clear headlights, ford blueprint paint, front mount intercooler, exposed intercooler pipes, all colour coded parts.

Fuel System:

Camry fuel pump, the rest is standard on the 3sgte moter.

Intake System:

Custom 3 inch cold feed, stock air box, K&N panel filter, 3 inch pipe to turbo, no restrictors less than 3 inch.

Rolling Stock:

17 by 6.5 Vault crystals in triple chrome. falken 235 45 r17 azenis front tyres semi racing tyres (non directional soft compound). falken 235 45 r17 ziex rear tyres.

Stereo System:

sony deck, 6 by 9s, 4s, 1400W monoblock amp, fusion 4 by 50wRMS amp, 2 sony 12" 1300W subs in sony boxes. Sound deadening sprayed trough entire trunk.


Lovells superlow springs.


CT20B standard turbo (twin entry units used on later 3sgte's). 600 by 300 by 70 mm intercooler. all custom piping from turbo to throttle body, 2.5 and 3 inch.

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 210 wheel hp
Torque: 420 Nm
0 - 100km/hr: 5

Performance Comments:

dynoed with 420Nm and 210Hp, dyno didnt know the rpm??? hp is most likely much higher given the high torque and the cars ability to out perform big v8s and other high performance cars.

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