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Profile Hits: 179
Drivetrain Class: AWD
Engine Class: 6 Cylinder Turbo Charged
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General Information Car Directory
Member: Skyline_V35GTST
Vehicle: 2000 Nissan Skyline GTR V-spec (R34) ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 28th October, 2005
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Skyline_V35GTST's Comments:

Me an my skyline. We just left sydney and went to germany for a holiday but we will keep in touch.

Modification Listing
Brakes: $3000

Brembo 10" brakes. They look stock, but ther not.

ECU: $50

Removed the gay top speed annoying wen i try drive it in germany on a speed-limitless freeway

Exhaust System: $350

Cat-back exhaust system, about 4"

Suspension: $1000

H&R Springs raing suspension system

Turbo/Intercooler: $2000

Well, the turbo system looks stock, but boost is upped from 0.5 bar to 1.0 bar. Pretty expensive coz thats to update both turbos to 0.5 bar boost each.

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 387 wheel hp
Torque: 588 Nm
0 - 100km/hr: 4.5
Quarter Mile: 12.59

Performance Comments:

Im not 100% sure about the 0-100km/h or the quarter mile but in german ill get the car tested.

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The Engine, it looks stock but its not
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