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Drivetrain Class: RWD
Engine Class: 6 Cylinder Turbo Charged
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Member: sL33PoNiT
Vehicle: 1988 Holden Commodore VL Berlina ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 3rd June, 2005
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sL33PoNiT's Comments:

You can line anything up against this Granny's VL and i bet you will see the hand waving out the window , running a nice 10.40

Modification Listing

VT slotted front conversion brakes, and Calias diff housing with dick's on the back


Has a STrengthed T5 turbo box, running a one piece tail shaft, into a VL DIFF housing with VN group A internals and thicker axels


Full racing microtech MT-8 ECU, which has been fully tuned for the new engine

Engine Work:

Has a set of forgies with light weight gudgens, and nitrated crank

Exhaust System:

3" Mandrel Bent exhaust from Turbo Back with high Flow cat


Nothing special cuz its a sleeper, it is getting a respray of phantom purple on top but

Fuel System:

Over sized Fuel pump (SS) and a set of Brown turbo Injectors

Head Work:

head has been reco, (Not decked) has stronger GTR springs on valves


Just standard Berlina interior and gettin givin some liquid filled gauges for it, Boost,oil pressure and fuel pressure

Rolling Stock:

has Chasers on at the moment while its being worked on, has 5 spoke HSV's in garage but going to buy some 17 inch 10 spoke senator wheels

Stereo System:

Just a kenwood headdeck and 6x9's who needs a big soundsystem


STandard suspension with a set of king springs which drops it a bit


T3 Roller Bearing Turbo Running Stock 9PSI but is at a ball breaking 16PSI, with a Top mount atomising intercooler to the side which is ducted with the walkinshaw front bar port, with a big Monza BOV

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 453 wheel hp
Torque: 591 Nm
Quarter Mile: 10.4

Performance Comments:

This thing really goes, turbo spools at 1700RPM, and keeps whizzing you can tell its roller bearing easily, will kick out without restepping in 1,2,3 and can really go

Photo Album Members Gallery

this is how she is now, no running gear new engine comes in about 3 days, hint down just for for 3MM copper head gasket on stock engine

The back of the beast nothin special just a 4inch cannon on the end of the 3 inch mendrel bent exhaust, has tone

Here again on stand with just the shasers on, didnt want the Mags to get scratched up or flogged

Sleeper with engine and box

This is the manifold and turbo doesnt look like much is is out of a cordia rally car, with bored out wastegate and over sized enertia blades, and roller bearing internals, with the monza BOV
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