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Drivetrain Class: RWD
Engine Class: 6 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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General Information Car Directory
Member: cambee
Vehicle: 1986 Holden Commodore VL ( More )
Location: Australia
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cambee's Comments:

This is my '86 series one VL. Shes in excellent condition, and I have spent a bit of money making it how I like it. Its got VX SS 17" wheels, kingsprings lowered springs, 2.5" sports exhaust, colour coded bumpers, berlina-spec tail-lights, $2k sound system, and its not finished yet!

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Sale Price: AU $7200 Contact cambee
Date Posted: 23rd July, 2003

Sale Comments:
VL, 86, lowered, sports exhaust, 17" VX SS wheels, $2k stereo system, colour coded bars, 150000 ks, 2nd owner, exellent condition, see CAMBEE'S CAR in profiles... will separate wheels and stereo from car... MOB: 0409663848

Modification Listing
Exhaust System: $320

2.5" sports exhaust

Exterior: $300

Sprayed the bumpers and door moulds same colour as car (my Dad and I did that). Berlina-spec tail-lights.

Rolling Stock: $1200

VX SS 17" Wheels

Stereo System: $2000

Pioneer 4x50 head unit Pioneer 4" 80w front speakers Sony 220w 6"x9"s Sony 222w 2 channel amp Boss 1000w 4 channel amp Sony Xplod 10" subs (x2) (Soon to come) A Pioneer 10" sub as well.

Suspension: $240

Lowered Kingsprings (1.5")

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Front again

Nice a***


My subs (soon to be redone)
Readers Comments
Posted by: Guest_Guest_ghetto_legend on December 7, 2003

hey nice car i love it's great but change ur steerind eheel mate it's like for the old ladies not for a P plater put a sport steering wheel

Posted by: Guest_Guest_ghetto_legend on December 7, 2003

change ur steering wheel

Posted by: crazy man on February 2, 2005

G'day nice car i aint got much money but i wouldnt mind to know how nuch you want for the sound system and where you are in australia you can email me at

Posted by: wishihadaVL on November 9, 2005

sry but its not the best VL i seen
i dont reckon ull get more than 1500 for it
good luck anyway

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