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Profile Hits: 5370
Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
Rating: average rating is 2.2 from 15 Votes  (2.2)
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General Information Car Directory
Member: nvs20v
Vehicle: 1989 Toyota Corolla CS-X ( More )
Location: Australia
Last Updated: 14th April, 2005
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nvs20v's Comments:

Return to this profile soon as you will see a 180kw N/A Powered BEAST! GO THE 4AGE :P

This Car is For Sale! More Classifieds
Sale Price: AU $9250 Contact nvs20v
Date Posted: 11th August, 2003

Sale Comments:
The car is pretty much what is stated in my profile! I am selling without wheels and stereo. The car is a very practical everyday car which is good for me as im a tafe student and cant afford the big petty bills. For more info call me on 0404109014! For all modifications plz look at my profile!

Modification Listing

I had the front brakes upgraded from the ones from the half-cut. They are ventilated and about 3 inches bigger than the previous solid disc. The rear brakes are standard but I had larger wheel cylinders installed to stop brake fade. Bendix Metal King Plus are fitted to the front brakes


Standard of half-cut, including gearbox, drive shafts the lot

ECU/Chip: $1500

I had purchased a EMS Stinger Management System which allowed finer tuning to the engine and also allowed to change the points of which RPM VVT would also come on. Once the car was dynoed, it produced 85.7kw at the wheels and a overall of 130kw at engine with the other modifications

Engine Work: $6500

Complete Custom Rebuild!!! Returning SOON

Exhaust System: $450

The engine comes standard with tuned extractors so I decided to leave them standard, it bolted up to my old exhaust which i had replaced on the previous engine. It is a 2 inch exhaust all the way, but it definitely needs to be bigger for this engine

Exterior: $30

The car has a assorted range of stickers!!

Fuel System: $500

I had to install a surge tank from stopping me from cutting out on fuel around corners, I had also installed a VL Turbo High Pressure Fuel Pump and a standard injected Corolla Low Pressure Fuel Pump. In the pic the stainless steel cylinder just next to the intake pipe for the air filter is the surge tank

Intake System: $200

I have recently installed four filters for each throttle body which had increased the airflow and had made the car more torquey and slightly more powerfully!

Interior: $600

I have a Autometer Monster Tacho, Autometer Air/Fuel Gauge and SAAS Steering Wheel

Rolling Stock: $1900

The car was fitted with 17x7 Chrome Wheels sourced from Tempee Tyres

Stereo System: $1800

I have a Panasonic Head Unit (Real Bright Blue One) with Pioneer 6x9's on rear tray, Phillips 4 inches in the front with 4x Tweeters in the front. Crossfire 1000D Amplifier running 2x 12 inch Orion XTR Subs

Suspension: $600

I have replaced back and front shocks with Monroe GT Gas and had lowered springs fitted! The car is lowered 2 1/4 inches on K-Mac Springs

Performance Statistics Top Rankings
Power Output: 118 wheel hp
Torque: 171 Nm
0 - 100km/hr: 7.01
Quarter Mile: 14.87

Performance Comments:

The car goes really well for what it is and im happy for a 1.6L Naturally Aspirated to perform well. It really gives the Honda Boyz the shits!!

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The Car!
Readers Comments
Posted by: Guest_Guest on June 17, 2003

Go The Rolla's!!!

Looks nice man...

Posted by: Guest_fadii ziade on October 8, 2003

go the rollaz
my favourite car you did a good job on it and kept it clean
cool.gif [MYROLA]

Posted by: Guest_fadii ziade on October 8, 2003

hey i was wondering if u can send me the specs of ur engine when it was stock plz

Posted by: SX_2C on December 18, 2003 [ Car Profile ]

hey looks very good man what did da motor cost ya beacause i'm looking 4 one

Posted by: Guest_dr_ky on January 23, 2004

are you sur it has only 118hp?
i have a 90' corolla dx with a 4afe
and few mods, it still tested on the
dyno for slightly over 112hp, which is less than your
cars, but you did much more, and yours is a whole lot
sweeter looking than mine, anyway nice car.

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