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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated
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Member: Tas71e
Vehicle: 1991 Toyota Celica ( More )
Location: Sydney
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Tas71e's Comments:

All the work was done by myself and 2 other mates.All ideas and concepts are original and completely experimental, Fuzzy Peach is the colour i mixed so Tas71e (Tasty) was the name i gave the car.

Modification Listing
Brakes: $4000

Metal Kings brake pads highly recomended by PeakNhard and slotted disc brakes,upgraded Toyota Supra calipers. At a cost of weight gain it is my favoured mod on any vehicle.

Drivetrain: $500

Upgraded heavy duty racing CV joints

Engine Work: $150

Upgrade on the standard braided cables with japanese imported ORB spark plugs combined i gain 5Kw the orb as opposed to standard plugs produce an orb electric field/spark instead of the standard V that NGKR type plugs produce. Also a metal shroud was created to disperse water from the bonnet scoop and away from the distributor and air filters sprayed with high temperature black.

Exterior: $9000

All the work was done by myself and 2 other mates.All ideas and concepts are original and completely experimental, Fuzzy Peach is the colour i mixed so Tas71e (Tasty) was the name i gave the car.I was asked by Spies Hecker Auto Paints Head Office in Melbourne if i would sell my formula to them but alas i refused because i was too proud of myself for the mix and i ended losing the formula so this is definately a one off colour which consists of 2pak orange base a very course metallic silver which was blended this gave it a milky effect and cut the sharpness of the orange to that i added 5 shades of gold pearl yes 5! Standard,Copper,bronze,sunset and rose these were blended and applied 4 coats.Baked it came out and we added 2 thin coats of light blue pearl which was an experiment that just took off in a big way under lights the car was immaculate and of course 5 coats of High Gloss. The colour does grow on you believe me everyone tells me so just give it some time before you vote or comment haha in the beginning you either love it or hate it but it does grow, either way you can appreciate a passion and the lengths i went to produce an all round show stopper and original car. Doing the mods and work myself helped to cut costs.As for aesthetic mods from the front Ford Falcon XR8 flutes moulded to the bonnet added was some mesh i found on the road i cleaned it up and had it chromed,the bonnet scoop was physically cut out of the car with an angle grinder and slightly bent down, the corners were fibreglassed up and putty used to shape. The BMW Z3 Gills took 3 weeks of planning and and 1 week of actual hands on the same process as the bonneet scoop was used. The side blinker was removed and putty was used to cover it the park lights were relocated and blinkers were added in the park light space.Front bar was cut to give a shark mouth look and shower curtain rods were added horizontally.The rear spoiler got a working too with the side panels bogged up and sanded back to the contour of the car also too the Antenna/Aeriel was removed and relocated in the boot with a high powered reciever stealth install in the boot. The rear tail lights were masked up and a nice neat minimal line effect was given. Veil side side skirts were added and a custom rear bar was made unfortunately someone decided to do a hit and run and left me with no option but to replace a stndard one for now.

Intake/Exhaust: $500

High Flow Catalyctic Converter 2.5 inch stainless exhaust all the way i decided to keep the standard extractors for the simple reason the celica comes with a high flow setup factory although it is planned for the future. Standard K&N Air filter with forced cold air intake from behind headlight and bumper

Interior: $500

standard interior just some minor adjustments Carbon fibre gear stick and pleated leather boot radio and A/C dash was modified to fit some gizmos and all stealth installation. Carpet was added to cover up all the marvy plex plastic

Rolling Stock: $3500

Italian imported Brinno 16inch polished rims on 205/45 med/hard compound Pirelli tyres.

Stereo System: $5000

Pioneer Remote Cd Tuner,Schneider amp running 2 boston acoustic 12inch enclosed and 6.5inch splits in the front and 5inch in the rear passenger


Precision Incision lowered springs with Monroe rally shocks lowered 3.5 inches these were done by myself and i swear even with a full load of heavy guys in the car with sound system it never ever scrubbed out mainly due to the fact that i have physically taken away the plastic wheel arches and lipped the guards to allow for upgraded 20inch rims in the future even at full lock the wouldnt scrape except it was bumpy and i lost 2 cat converters over time but it was slammed hehe

Photo Album Members Gallery

Rear Spoiler and stealth Antenna/Aeriel

Stealth side blinker and twisted side skirt

Whole bonnet showing scoop and flutes

Engine Bay

Flute with Chrome Mesh

Front of the car

Custom Gills


Rear lights

Gill and Bonnet

Side View
Readers Comments
Posted by: Bently on April 6, 2005 [ Car Profile ]

Beautiful man! Very good job with the body!

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