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Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
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Member: MSGT-R
Vehicle: 1989 Mazda MX-6 GT 4WS ( More )
Location: USA
Last Updated: 19th October, 2004
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MSGT-R's Comments:

It's back on the road after two years in my garage!

Modification Listing
Engine Work:

New factory 2.2 crate engine (2nd replacement). Timing gear set @ #2.Aluminum flywheel w/HD clutch. Powdercoated upper assembly. 2 Hayden elec swirl-cool fans w/custom 3-row radiator. Opened up additional airflow in the core support to improve intercooler efficiency.


The hood will be modified for venting behind the radiator (that comes last). Going to have to freshen the paint anyway...


K&N airfilter w/hidden fresh air intake. 2.5" exhaust from manifold thru whole system w/turbo muffler. Jet-Hot ceramic coating on exhaust manifold and turbo housing, powdercoating on intake manifold. Turbo: T-Bird compressor modification.


Totally stock, and in show room shape.

Rolling Stock:

Strange as it may seem, I like my 4WS wheels. New Remington 205-60R15 tires.

Stereo System:

6 disc changer in trunk. Stereo is fine, speakers are getting the "Sony treatment". Factory subwoofer is a joke (a bad one).


GAB front suspension brace, factory rear suspension brace. Monroe gas struts, Eibach springs, MOOG joints, Energy Suspension rubber.

Photo Album Members Gallery

Powdercoated upper, JetHot exhaust.

Its done and waiting to be registered!

All my hard work looks great!

It stays in the garage for now.

New exhaust system!

I even put the nose bra on..

'70 Mach-1 351C

Inside is original

side view

I try to keep it clean

The difference Eibach Springs make

Mine is on the left

It's amazing what you find in the parking lot
Readers Comments
Posted by: Guest_tx5king on May 24, 2003

love the look of the ceramic coating! are the under bonnet temperatures heaps lower now? thinking of getting something similiar done but mainly for heat reduction then anything else smile.gif

Also love what a new F2T engine looks like... cool.gif

Posted by: Guest_Guest on May 30, 2003

Thanks for the support! The Jet Hot coating (inside and out) cost me $120 for the manifold and turbo neck. Its good for 1800 degrees (so they say). This will act as a heat insulator to keep the underhood temps down, keep the cast iron from deteriorating over time, and is trouble free (unlike chrome). I don't think the heat shield is going back on.....

The upper end has been powdercoated "industrial silver", but the long-block didn't get the treatment since it was factory new and assembled (I'll do it to the old one when I rebuild it).

Now that I'm doing so much, I want to do it right (custom). This frustrates my husband (yeah, I'm female) because he wants his car back. He's driving the Echo we bought when the clutch was the cause of all this repair work. Don't look for any nitrous, radical or extreme racing modifications to happen. We still have to commute through traffic, drive up and down rough roads, and take the occational trip to the inlaws. I need dependability and affordability to go with a little fun.

Posted by: Guest_magik8 on July 4, 2003

WOW that engine looks clean. Where on earth did you source a _NEW_ factory crate engine, and how much did it cost you? Perhaps you got a special hook-up because you worked for Mazda?

Posted by: Guest_Peabody on August 13, 2003

Awesome engine!! biggrin.gif Where do I get a garage like that?

Posted by: Guest_Guest on February 11, 2004

is this car for real? its too clean!

Posted by: telstar2nv on March 7, 2004 [ Car Profile ]

hey there, the car looks great, just wanna ask, where did you source the strut brace for the car, i was also thinking of getting another engine for my car, how much did yours cost (including the fitment) and where can i source one from brand new... (or second hand with good k's) thanks heaps.... smile.gif

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