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Profile Hits: 2306
Drivetrain Class: FWD
Engine Class: 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged
Rating: average rating is 2.33 from 15 Votes  (2.33)
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General Information Car Directory
Member: Loktai
Vehicle: 1989 Mazda MX-6 Turbo ( More )
Location: USA
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Loktai's Comments:

My beautiful car. Undergoing restoration and maintenece, and then come the mods and fun!

Modification Listing
Exterior: $1400

Body work done. New rocker pannels, metal welded in to get rid of rusty parts.. DAMN NEW ENGLAND WINTERS... and other misc dings and dents. Bumper still a little rough in some places, going to replace with body kit later on, but for now, NEW PAINT! I had the mirrors and trim painted, and it looks very good and glossy and VERY sleek, no more cheap plastic parts showing on my car! Just kidding,, well taken care of trim looks awesome on lighter colored cars.. on a black car, having trim that is supposed to be black but is never as black as the car itself is lame!

Intake/Exhaust: $20

Adapter plate and cone filter


Steering wheel cover, beat out the floor mats... some Ricey Dice I won from a dodge neon who didnt want to pay up the cash bet...PIKA!

Stereo System:

Almost nothing. New sony 3 way 6.5" speakers in the rear deck. Sounds OK as is so not rushing it on the sound. Waiting til other things are perfect then going for a nice sounding system.

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The NEW Neon! But WHY?!

I think shes nice.

I'm sick

Not mine but SW33T!
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